NeutralSomeone Else's Hard Work Pays Off
Start Cryo-Engineer Sha'heen
End Nexus-Prince Haramad
Level 66 (Requires 64)
Type Dungeon
Category Mana-Tombs
Experience 17000
Reputation The Consortium +500
Rewards  [Consortium Prince's Wrap],  [Cryo-Mitts],  [Consortium Mantle of Phasing] or  [Flesh Beast's Metal Greaves]
10g 50s
Previous N [66D] Safety Is Job One


Escort Cryo-Engineer Sha'heen safely through the Mana-Tombs so that he can gather the ether held inside Shaffar's ether collectors.

Report to Nexus-Prince Haramad located outside the Mana-Tombs at the Consortium encampment should you succeed.

  • Escort Cryo-Engineer Sha'heen


Who were you expecting!? That idiot Morphalius was 'de-prioritized.' Now I'm here to clean up his mess. All I need from you is to watch my back as I go through Shaffar's ether gatherers and suck them dry of all that they have collected. If I successfully complete my mission, Haramad himself will reward you!

What do you say? Escort me through the Mana-Tombs and then collect some incredible treasure? You already did most of the work anyway! Nothing's alive back behind us, right?


You will be able to choose one of these rewards:
Inv belt 10.png [Consortium Prince's Wrap] Inv gauntlets 22.png [Cryo-Mitts]
Inv shoulder 03.png [Consortium Mantle of Phasing] Inv boots plate 04.png [Flesh Beast's Metal Greaves]

You will also receive: 10g 50s


Hello, little flesh beast.


Seeing as how this was Morphalius's idea, I decided to give him his old job back. Well done little flesh beast. Well done, indeed!

Remember, if you're ever looking for work and happen to be in Netherstorm, come find me at the Stormspire.


This is an escort quest - you have to escort Cryo-Engineer Sha'heen to the entrance to the Mana-Tombs. Along the way, you have to defeat 3 sets of mobs and a boss, Shadow Lord Xiraxis, at the entrance. During the mob spawns, Sha'heen is too focused on the nether collectors to help you fight them at first, but once he is done he helps out. Sha'heen does help fight Shadow Lord Xiraxis for the entire battle.

It is a good idea to go ahead and clear the whole instance to the last boss, Nexus-Prince Shaffer (the place you activate this quest is in the room before him). If you don't clear everything up to the room where you start the escort quest, there is a good chance that you will get adds and Cryo-Engineer Sha'heen will die. If he dies, you can't redo the escort quest during that run - you will have to reset the instance.

  • If you fail the quest, your quest log may not say it is failed, but abandon it anyway and pick it up again the next time you run Mana-Tombs.

Before you start this quest, make sure all party members who are on the prerequisite quest, N [15-30D] Safety is Job One, hand it in before starting the escort quest (click on the Ethereal Transporter Control Panel - the floating cube). Then talk to him and start the escort quest.

  • If you don't complete the prerequisite but escort him out, you won't be able to turn in this quest until you go back into the instance and click on the cube to turn in the prerequisite quest.

As with all escort quests, stay near the NPC you are escorting - Cryo-Engineer Sha'heen. If he gets too far away from you, you will fail the quest. So if you sit down to drink or eat, you may fail the quest. See above.


  • Teleportation Chamber #2 (where you start the quest)
Cryo-Engineer Sha'heen spawns in the room with the cube. Several of his Ethereal Laborers appear to help gather items. He checks the center glowing pillar, the nether collector, and then goes to the previous room to the east.
  • Teleportation Chamber #1
First set of mobs spawn - 2 Ethereal Theurgists and 2 Ethereal Spellbinders,
Once the mobs are down, Cryo-Engineer Sha'heen walks north into the next room.
If you run a little bit ahead of him, you will have time to bandage and for the "Recently Bandaged" debuff to wear off before the next fight.
  • Crescent Hall
Second set of mobs spawn - 2 Ethereal Sorcerers and 2 Ethereal Crypt Raiders,
Once the mobs are down, Cryo-Engineer Sha'heen walks north into the next room.
If you run a little bit ahead of him, you will have time to bandage and for the "Recently Bandaged" debuff to wear off before the next fight.
  • Second Chamber in Mana-Tombs (large rectangular chamber)
Third set of mobs spawn - 2 Nexus Terrors,
Once the mobs are down, Cryo-Engineer Sha'heen gives you 30 seconds to rest, and then moves west into the first room, where you fought Pandemonius.
  • First Chamber in Mana-Tombs (somewhat triangular room with semi-circle area in middle)
Shadow Lord Xiraxis runs in from the west entrance to the chamber. He is much like battling Nexus-Prince Shaffer, but without the Ethereal Beacons.
Cryo-Engineer Sha'heen helps you in battling him,
  • Once Xiraxis is down, the quest completes. Leave the instance and turn it in to Nexus-Prince Haramad.


When the first member of the party clicks on the Ethereal Transporter Control Panel, Cryo-Engineer Sha'heen appears.

Cryo-Engineer Sha'heen checks to make sure his body is intact.
Cryo-Engineer Sha'heen says: You made it! Well done, <race>. Now if you'll excuse me, I have to get the rest of our crew inside.
Cryo-Engineer Sha'heen expertly manipulates the control panel.

Several Consortium Laborers appear to help Sha'heen collect items to be teleported.

Cryo-Engineer Sha'heen says: Let's not waste any time! Take anything that isn't nailed down to the floor and teleport directly to Stormspire! Chop chop!

He walks to the glowing pillar in the center of the chamber.

Cryo-Engineer Sha'heen says: This shouldn't take very long. Just watch my back as I empty these nether collectors.

Sha'heen and the Consortium Laborers begin to walk towards the previous circular room to the east.

Cryo-Engineer Sha'heen says: Fantastic! Let's move on, shall we?

He walks over to the nether collector in the middle of the chamber.

Cryo-Engineer Sha'heen says: Looking at these energy levels, Shaffar was set to make a killing!

At this point, the first set of mobs spawn - 2 Ethereal Theurgists and 2 Ethereal Spellbinders. Once Cryo-Engineer Sha'heen has finished with the nether collector here, he helps in the fight.

Once you have killed the first set of mobs that spawn,

Cryo-Engineer Sha'heen says: Hrm, now where is the next collector?

He walks north into the Crescent Hall. The nether collector is on the west side of the curved room.

Cryo-Engineer Sha'heen says: Ah, there it is. Follow me, fleshling.
Cryo-Engineer Sha'heen says: There can't be too many more of these collectors. just keep me safe as I do my job.

At this point, the second set of mobs spawn - 2 Ethereal Sorcerers and 2 Ethereal Crypt Raiders. Again, once Cryo-Engineer Sha'heen has finished with the nether collector here, he helps in the fight.

After you kill the second set of mobs, he walks north into the large rectangular chamber. When you enter, one Nexus Terror has already spawned. During the fight with it, a second Nexus Terror will spawn. If you pull the first one towards the southern part of the chamber (where you just entered), you can kill it without aggroing the second, and then take the second one by itself. Cryo-Engineer Sha'heen says the following during the fight:

Cryo-Engineer Sha'heen says: What do we have here? I thought you said the area was secure? This is now the third attack? If we make it out of here, I will definitely be deducting this from your reward. Now don't just stand there, destroy them so I can get to that collector.

The nether collector is at the north end of the room. Once the Nexus Terrors are dead, he walks over there and empties the collector. He gives you thirty seconds to rest - enough time to eat and drink - before moving on towards the entrance, and the last encounter.

Cryo-Engineer Sha'heen says: We're close to the exit. I'll let you rest for about thirty seconds, but then we're out of here.
Cryo-Engineer Sha'heen says: Are you ready to go?
Cryo-Engineer Sha'heen says: Ok break time is OVER. Let's go!

Sha'heen walks out of the room through the west corridor, back into the next room where you battled the first boss, Pandemonius. When you reach the semi-circular area in the middle of the room,

Shadow Lord Xiraxis yells: Bravo! Bravo! Good show… I couldn't convince you to work for me, could I? No, I suppose the needless slaughter of my employees might negatively impact your employment application.

Shadow Lord Xiraxis, the boss, runs out of the corridor straight ahead, the one that leads to the exit.

Shadow Lord Xiraxis says: Your plan was a good one, Sha'heen, and you would have gotten away with it if not for one thing...
Cryo-Engineer Sha'heen says: Oh really? And what might that be?
Shadow Lord Xiraxis says: Never underestimate the other ethereal's greed!

At this point, Shadow Lord Xiraxis turns hostile and attacks. This fight is much like fighting the last boss in Mana-Tombs, Nexus-Prince Shaffer, except that aren't any Ethereal Beacons. Additionally, Cryo-Engineer Sha'heen will help you here from the start, as he as already visited all the nether collectors and wants to return to Nexus-Prince Haramad.

Kill Shadow Lord Xiraxis to complete the quest objective.

Cryo-Engineer Sha'heen says: He was right, you know. I'll have to take that tag-line for my own… It's not like he'll have a use for it anymore!
Cryo-Engineer Sha'heen says: Thanks and good luck!

NOTE: Shadow Lord Xiraxis does not drop Spirit Shards.

Leave the instance and turn the quest in to Nexus-Prince Haramad.



  1. N [66D] Safety Is Job One
  2. N [66D] Someone Else's Hard Work Pays Off

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