AllianceSomethin' for the Boys
Start Mackay Firebeard [62.5, 48.4]
End Iain Firebeard [57.5, 58.1]
Level 84 (Requires 84)
Category Twilight Highlands
Reputation +25 Wildhammer Clan
Rewards  [Forge-Hold Gloves] or  [Camp-Cleaner Chestguard] or  [Weapon-Bearer Bracers]
6g 57s 50c
Previous A [84] Death Worthy of a Dragonmaw, A [84] They Took Me Pants!, A [84] Anything We Can Get
Next A [84] Personal Request


Bring Forgehammer's weapons to Iain Firebeard at the Firebeard Cemetery


Cleaned up the camp and ran errands for Forgehammer? Not bad for a wee <Class>. Take these to Iain at Firebeard Cemetary, and he should reward you for a job well done.


You will be able to choose one of these rewards:
Inv gauntlets cloth cataclysm b 02.png [Forge-Hold Gloves] Inv chest leather cataclysm b 02.png [Camp-Cleaner Chestguard]
Inv bracer plate cataclysm b 02.png [Weapon-Bearer Bracers]

You will also receive: 6g 57s 50c


What have we here?


Hah! Looks like their raid went mighty well then. I'll have to buy ol' Forgehammer a round once we finish with this mess.


Make sure to complete the A [84] Clan Mullan and A [84] Stubborn as a Doyle chains before returning to Iain. Mullan can be found to the southwest, near the Crucible of Carnage. Doyle is pretty much due south on the border with the Obsidian Forest.


  1. A [84] Firebeard's Patrol
  2. A [84] Welcome Relief / A [84] The Only Homes We Have
  3. A [84] Honorable Bearing
  4. Complete all of:
    • The Mullans
    1. A [84] Clan Mullan
    2. A [84] The Fighting Spirit / A [84] The Scent of Battle
    3. A [84] The Loyalty of Clan Mullan
    • The Doyles
    1. A [84] Stubborn as a Doyle
    2. A [84] The Fate of the Doyles
    • The Firebeards
    1. A [84] Firebeard Bellows
    2. Complete all of:
    3. A [84] Somethin' for the Boys
  5. A [84] Personal Request
  6. A [84] Dropping the Hammer

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