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Gender Male
Race Pandaren
Affiliation(s) Pandaren Empire, Lorewalkers
Occupation Founder of the Lorewalkers
Location Unknown
Status Deceased
Mentor(s) Kang

Song was a student of Kang, the first pandaren monk, who became the founder of the Lorewalkers after the pandaren revolution.


After the rebellious pandaren, jinyu, hozen, grummles and yaungol achieved victory over the cruel mogu and their emperor, Lao-Fe, in the pandaren revolution, some of them wished to seek revenge and butcher the remaining mogu in the same way that the mogu had butchered their servants for millennia. However, Song, who had been one of the most promising students of the late rebel leader Kang, calmed their bloodlust. Having memorized many of Kang's philosophies, the secretive lorekeeper retold Kang's stories over and over again to the liberated slaves in order to remind them that Kang sought true justice, not revenge.[1]

Song walked from one end of the fallen mogu empire to the other for the rest of his life, sharing the stories of Kang's wisdom and encouraging everyone he met to find emotional balance within themselves. Others soon began to follow in his footsteps, and these so-called Lorewalkers became skilled storytellers and conflict mediators.[1]

During Song's travels, he became aware of a dark power that lurked below the land: the malevolent spirits known as sha, formed from the lingering essence of the Old God Y'Shaarj. Song hoped that by spreading Kang's teachings, he could help the various races nullify the sha and limit the Old God's influence.[1]