NeutralSonic Stone
Start  [Sonic Stone]
End Sentinel Commander Qipan
Level 10-50
Category Island Expedition
Experience 8,230
Rewards  [Radiant Azerite Fragment] (700x [Azerite])
11g 70s


Show the stone to Sentinel Commander Qipan in Townlong Steppes.


<The stone vibrates to your touch. The frequency resonates throughout your body, and you feel refreshed.

The mantid likely use these stones to allow them to fly great distances across the sea.

To see them on the island was strange, the mantid took a heavy blow when Shek'zeer was destroyed, they should not be swarming now.

The denizens of Pandaria may have more information.>


You will receive:


Yes? We are quite busy here, as you can see, what is it?

Ah, I see you have also encountered the mantid swarm.

Our fears are realized, the new empress has hatched. Princess Zara, no, now Grand Empress Shek'zara, is here.

She is as hotheaded and impulsive as mantid queens usually are, and has mobilized most of her forces to search for Azerite.

We know not why.

<Qipan squishes a nearby bug between his fingers.>

But we do not like it.

Here, Azerite taken from their corpses, take it.

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