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Inv qirajidol life
  • Soul of Iron
  • Season of Mastery

    Spell holy spellwarding Never Known Defeat
    Achievement boss ragnaros Survivor of the Firelord
    Inv misc head dragon black Survivor of the Shadow Flame
    Inv misc ahnqirajtrinket 05 Survivor of the Old God
    Inv armor shield naxxramas d 02 Survivor of the Damned
Soul of Iron

Soul of Iron effect that occasionally happens.

Soul of Iron is a cosmetic buff available only to characters on Season of Mastery realms that have never died. Defeating Ragnaros, Onyxia, C'Thun, and Nefarian will display a "survivor" text in the tooltip for other players to see.

To obtain the buff, talk with Alliance Watcher Fero in the Hall of Explorers of Ironforge or Horde Watcher Morta in the Apothecarium of Undercity.

Dying with the buff will mark the end of the hardcore run for this character and mark them with the Spell shadow siphonmana [Tarnished Soul] debuff. The debuff can be removed from the high elf watchers but the characters can no longer receive the Soul of Iron buff.


If an account has leveled up a character to level 60 without dying while having this buff, existing and new characters in Wrath of the Lich King Classic will earn the Inv qirajidol life [Soul of Iron (Season of Mastery)] feat of strength.

There are additional achievements if the same account has defeated certain bosses (or an entire raid) without ever dying:

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