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NeutralSoulbinder Nyami
Image of Soulbinder Nyami
Gender Female
Race Draenei (Humanoid)
Class Priest
Reaction Alliance Horde
Affiliation(s) Sargerei, Shadow Council
Former affiliation(s) Auchenai
Location Various
Status Deceased (Lore),
Killable (WoW)
Relative(s) Unnamed son[1] (presumed deceased)

“I will bind this world in shadows!”

— Nyami

Soulbinder Nyami is one of several Auchenai soul priests encountered in Draenor. Initially loyal to the Exarch Council, she is revealed to be an agent of the Burning Legion, working to subvert the Draenei's efforts in both the Shadowmoon Valley storyline and Talador storyline before making her last stand in Auchindoun. She wielded powerful shadow magic.


Tuulani watches over a dead Nyami.

At some point after the rise of the Iron Horde, she received word from Exarch Maladaar that her son had been kidnapped by the orcs. This is likely the reason she turned from the naaru and began to work for the Burning Legion.[1]

Nyami is first met in Shadowmoon Valley. After the murder of Exarch Hataaru, she assists Exarch Maladaar in a ritual to call forth his restless spirit to identify his murderer; however, she ends the ritual prematurely after Haataru's spirit points to her, reasoning to Maladaar that he was asking her for help.

Nyami later works with Maladaar, Lady Liadrin, Soulbinder Tuulani, and the players in defending Auchindoun from the invading armies of the Burning Legion by searching for the fragments of the Heart of Auchindoun. After recovering the second fragment, she sends Tuulani to Telmor to get the third fragment. Nyami takes a vested interest in the heart's recovery, worrying Tuulani.

It is eventually revealed that Nyami is secretly a commander for the Sargerei, and is in league with Gul'dan and Teron'gor. She subverts the Auchenai and the Sunsworn's efforts, and eventually facilitates the slaughter of her fellow draenei in Auchindoun (while misdirecting Maladaar and Liadrin to Xandros) to allow Teron passage into the temple. She stages a Sargerei uprising within Auchindoun, but is confronted and killed within the precinct.


Legion This section concerns content related to Legion.

The death knights of the Ebon Blade retrieved Soulbinder Nyami's essence from the Shadowlands,[2] though it is not stated whether that refers to the main or alternate universe Nyami.


Notable appearances
Location Level range Health range
Shadowmoon Valley (alternate universe) 95 89,325
Talador 95 89,325
Talador 95 111,657
Western Transept 98 - 102
Soulbinder Nyami (tactics) 97 - 102


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Notes and trivia

  • She hid caches of reagents for the Sargerei's summoning rituals all across Auchindoun.[3]
  • Nyami is voiced by Karen Strassman.


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Since Othaar acknowledged that he had Hataaru killed, and his spirit pointed at the soulbinder, Nyami was probably the true killer.

The surviving draenei of Telmor said that someone, likely of their own, disabled the protecting spell of the  [Leafshadow] crystal. It could have been Nyami.

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