The Soulcage in the hands of Sylvanas.

The Soulcage was a magical lantern with the power to compel the soul of any being.[1] It was granted to Sylvanas Windrunner by Helya as part of the secret deal they made in Helheim.[2] Sylvanas used it in an attempt to subjugate Eyir in the vault of Skold-Ashil, but Genn Greymane freed her when he smashed the lantern.[3] Afterwards, the adventurer received a shard of the lantern to empower their artifact weapon.


  • As a seeming opposite to the Soulcage's abilities, the light from lanterns on kvaldir ships is said to be able to release bonds of the spirit.[4] An adventurer used such a lantern to gather the pieces of their spirit after Helya sundered it.[5]



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Judging by its abilities and its pale blue glow, as well as Helya being an ally of the Jailer, the Soulcage may have been an instrument of Domination magic.