Soulcloth Embrace

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Soulcloth Embrace is a cloth Resistance set from the Burning Crusade. It is crafted by Tailoring. It's a direct upgrade from Arcanoweave Vestments, having the same ammount of resistance; due to the Spirit in it is of better value to Priests, Druids, Shaman and Paladins.


All items are crafted via Tailoring

Item Crafting Materials
[Soulcloth Vest] 8x  [Bolt of Soulcloth], 4x  [Rune Thread]
[Soulcloth Shoulders] 6x  [Bolt of Soulcloth], 4x  [Rune Thread]
[Soulcloth Gloves] 5x  [Bolt of Soulcloth], 6x  [Knothide Leather], 4x  [Rune Thread]



Soulcloth Embrace

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