Soulgrinder Survivor

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AllianceSoulgrinder Survivor
Start Orlana Strongbrow
End Owynn Graddock
Level 100 (Requires 100)
Category Garrison Campaign
Experience 3,770
Rewards  [Soulgrinder]
30g 80s
Previous B [100] Cleansing the Souls, B [100] The Totems That Bind


Place Borgal's totems so that Orlana can begin the ritual, then kill Borgal.


It is time for Borgal to die.

We must travel to a location of power where I have room for the ritual. There is a ruined tower to the northwest that will be perfect for this. Meet us there and place the totems in the areas of power you will find there. Once they are placed I will do the ritual that will summon Borgal to us.

Your job will be the difficult one, kill him!


You will receive:
Ability priest halo shadow.png [Soulgrinder]

You will also receive: 30g 80s


That was one hell of a battle! Bloody fine job there la... um commander.

Orlana really helped us out there. I'll ask around, maybe a priest can think of something we can do for her.

At any rate, we still have this artifact to deal with. I think you better hold onto it for safe keeping before any power crazed lunatics comes looking for it.



  1. A [100] Garrison Campaign: The Search for Owynn Graddock / H [100] Garrison Campaign: The Search for Shadow Hunter Bwu'ja
  2. B [100] Out of the Chains
  3. B [100] Gearing Up
  4. B [100] Seeking the Truth
  5. B [100] The Shadow Gate
  6. B [100] Cleansing the Souls & B [100] The Totems That Bind
  7. B [100] Soulgrinder Survivor

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