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Ability nightfae flicker.png
  • Soulshape
  • 0 yd range
  • 1.5 min cooldown
  • Instant cast
  • Turn into a Vulpin, teleporting 15 yds forward and increasing your movement speed by 50%. You may reactivate Soulshape every few sec to teleport again.

    Lasts 12 sec, or indefinitely while in a rest area.
Usable by
Class All
School Nature
Cooldown 1.5 min
Related buff
Ability nightfae flicker.png
  • Soulshape
  • Transformed into your Soulshape, increasing movement speed by 30%.
  • Duration: 12 sec

Soulshape is an ability unlocked for members of the Night Fae Covenant.

Speak with Lady Muunn in Heart of the Forest to change the available soulshape look.



  • Mortals who have deep connections to nature go to Ardenweald when they die, where their souls take the shape of animals.[1]
    • Soulshapes are capable of returning to their original forms, as seen with Huln Highmountain, who will transform in and out of his eagle soulshape as he sees fit.


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