NeutralSources of Darkness
Start Alleria Windrunner
End Alleria Windrunner
Level 45 (Requires 45)
Category Eredath
Rewards 50 Veiled Argunite
9g 70s
Previous N [45] Throwing Shade
Next N [45] A Vessel Made Ready


Deactivate 5 Void Harvesters.


I think I understand what he was trying to show us, <name>.

I feel a surge of power building ahead. They must be cultivating the Void, calling it here.

We need to stop them before they plunge this entire city into shadow. Find the source and cut it off by any means necessary.

Locus Walker and I have unfinished business to attend to.


You will receive: 9g 70s 50 Veiled Argunite


Locus Walker and I have some unfinished business to attend to.


We buy time but nothing more.


Quest accept
Alleria Windrunner says: Turalyon trusts me to make hard decisions, and I him.
Locus-Walker says: I am not talking about trust.
Locus-Walker says: How can you expect to embrace the Shadow with the Light shining so brightly at your side?
Alleria Windrunner says: Without the Light there is no Shadow, teacher.


  1. N [45] Where They Least Expect It
  2. N [45] We Have a Problem
  3. N [45] A Non-Prophet Organization & N [45] Wrath of the High Exarch & N [45] Overt Ops
  4. N [45] Flanking Maneuvers & N [45] Talgath's Forces
  5. N [45] What Might Have Been
  6. N [45] Across the Universe
  7. N [45] Shadow of the Triumvirate
  8. N [45] The Seat of the Triumvirate
  9. N [45] Whispers from Oronaar & N [45] Arkhaan's Prayers
  10. N [45] The Pulsing Madness & N [45] Arkhaan's Pain
  11. N [45] Arkhaan's Plan
  12. N [45] Arkhaan's Peril
  13. N [45] Throwing Shade
  14. N [45] Sources of Darkness & N [45] The Shadowguard Incursion
  15. N [45] A Vessel Made Ready
  16. N [45] A Beacon in the Dark (grants  [You Are Now Prepared!])
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