Southern Barrens warfront

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An unnamed Southern Barrens warfront was experimented upon by Blizzard Entertainment for the release of Battle for Azeroth. It was a very early internal prototype, which served as a test bed before any of the new areas were created.[1] It would have involved the Alliance attacking the Great Gate to Mulgore,[2] and many unused NPC IDs were added for it, but it was never completed.

Story-wise, despite the warfront not being released, it seems the Alliance still tried to reestablish Fort Triumph[3] along Bael Modan.[4][5][6] The Great Gate was still besieged by the Alliance.[7]


It is unknown which commanders would have appeared.


The following Fort Triumph/Northwatch Expeditionary Unit soldiers were added in patch 8.0.1 but never used, being presumably intended to appear in the warfront:

The Horde would have presumably deployed tauren and Desolation Hold soldiers, such as Desolation Guards, Desolation Raiders, Desolation Wind Riders, Desolation Champions, Northwatch Assassins, and Northwatch Ambushers.



  • For a time even after release, the warfront music could be heard while in the Southern Barrens, a remnant of the experimentation on making the warfront.