The largest of the Southern Isles

The Southern Isles extend south of the Forbidden Jungle in southwestern Krasarang Wilds. The zone can be found to the west of the Cradle of Chi-Ji. Despite the name, the Southern Isles in fact comprises only one major island, and a small sand and rock outcropping to its north. This discrepancy is fixed with later phasing.


No quests take place on the Southern Isles, and there are no hostile mobs to be found; the only inhabitants (besides the odd Spiny Terrapin) the neutral Viseclaws and Krasarang Gliders found in the surrounding shallows. With the conflicts planned to occur along the shores of Krasarang Wilds in Patch 5.1, it may be speculated that this area has been left intentionally empty to leave room for the coming conflict, and possibly NPCs and other changes to be implemented in that patch.

Frog island

Frog island.

Beware the frog.

An army of frogs.

Immediately to the east of the main Southern Isle lies an unnamed island, remarkable for its population of frogs. Three species are present here, all unique to this island: the Krasarang Croaker, the Krasarang Frog and the Krasarang Tideskirter, mostly concentrated around the south and eastern parts of the island. The island also sports several non-interactable signs, each bearing a representation of a frog. However, far more remarkable is the behaviour of those inhabitants. Each type of frog has a distinct appearance, and equally distinct behavior.

The Krasarang Croakers are the largest of the three types, mostly red with blue limbs. These frogs are mostly found in pairs, a couple of yards apart, facing each other. Every few seconds, they appear to cast a spell of some kind; the hands of the frog glow green, complete with a sound effect (both the visual and sound effects are very similar to those caused by using a  [Hearthstone]). This lasts for approximately two seconds, at which point the frog will leap into the air, croaking and sticking out its tongue; the spell appears to be completed at this point, signified by a sound effect (again very similar to that from completing a  [Hearthstone] cast) and the disappearance of the green effect from around the frog's hands. The frog then jumps for a second time, followed by a moment's pause before beginning the spell again. There are a few solitary Croakers, but these do not exhibit any of the behavior of the paired Croakers, instead to be found hopping freely around the island.

The Croaker pairing process is also quite unusual. Generally, only paired Croakers cast their 'spell', and if a paired Croaker is killed, its mate will cease to cast its spell and will not resume casting it until its mate has re-spawned. A Croaker can also be aggroed, causing it to follow its aggressor; in this case the Croaker's mate will often follow it. However, if there is another within range, the suddenly solitary Croaker may instead decide to consider this to be its new mate, even if that Croaker is already paired to another. By selectively killing Croakers, it is therefore possible for players to rearrange the social network of these frogs from a simple set of couples to something closer to a daisy chain. Croakers can also be kited extremely long distances without attacking them, and it is even possible to cause Croakers to pair-bond at new locations.

The Krasarang Frogs are smaller yellow frogs, and are always found in fours. Most sets of Krasarang Frogs are stationary - except for occasionally jumping and sticking out their tongues - and are found in rough circles (or diamonds), facing inwards. A set of these frogs is always found surrounding each pair of Krasarang Croakers. However, a few sets are mobile, to be found traveling around the island in often erratic patterns, including leaping from high places.

The Krasarang Tideskirters are the smallest of the three types, and also the most mobile. They are light blue, and always found in threes. They can be found running in fixed, circular routes, always in the water. Some can be found running in small circles around the other frogs, while others run far out, circling the island itself. Each trio seems to have a lead frog; this frog runs at the head of the trio, effectively leading the others.

The island and its surrounding sandbanks also have a small population of Spiny Terrapins.


The frogs on this island are quite prolific and have a rapid respawn rate. For this reason, players may be tempted to kill them en-masse in order to earn the  [Critter Kill Squad] achievement. However, the frogs are not entirely defenceless.

Mob Cro'akan is a large level 92 elite frog NPC that is spawned in response to the death of a sufficiently large number of frogs on the island. He spawns in the center of the island, underneath the largest tree, with a number of possible colorations. Incensed by the senseless slaughter of his fellow amphibians[1], Cro'akan quickly dispatches players with his instant-death Frog Justice ability. Cro'akan is immune to attacks.

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