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Sparkles Rain from Above

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NeutralSparkles Rain from Above
Start Lady Moonberry [71.5, 54.7]
End Droman Aliothe [60.1, 53.9]
Level 57 (Requires 57)
Category Ardenweald
Experience 6,800
Rewards  [Glitterwing Greatcloak]
25g 3s 80c
Previous N [57] Go for the Heart
Next N [58] For the Sake of Spirit, N [58] Despoilers


Speak with Lady Moonberry and escape Tirna Noch.


You found the heart of the grove! And it's full of anima!

The Drust don't seem to like the idea of you taking it from them. They're massing in great numbers all over the forest!

We need to get you and the others out of here safely.

I can help. How do you feel about dishing out a little sparkly mayhem?


You will receive:


You found and took their anima right from the heart of the grove? Impressive.

Dreamweaver will be most pleased. But I expect that we will soon encounter some unhappy visitors.

We must move quickly to aid the spirit in this wildseed... before we are overrun.


On accept:

Lady Moonberry says: Speak to me when you're ready to rain some fairy magic on the Drust. I'll get these two to safety.
Ara'lon says: Thank you, Lady Moonberry. We are--ahh!
Moonberry casts faerie wings on Ara'lon and Niya, flying them out of the area.
Lady Moonberry says: Let's sparkle them up!

Speak with Moonberry again:

Wings are so useful, aren't they?
Gossip I'm ready to borrow some wings and rain sparkly terror.

Moonberry gives the player some Conjured Wings, which go on a bombing run with one ability:

Faerie Bomb 75 yd range — Bomb enemies with a powerful blast of sparkles. Instant (3 sec cooldown)

Valid targets include Invading Soulsplitters and Invading Fadeblades. However, should players try to attack Fulyar the Destroyer:

Fulyar the Destroyer yells: Ha ha ha, your tiny faerie magic cannot hurt me!
Lady Moonberry says: My magic isn't hurting the big one? Ooh, I'll deal with that oaf later.

Once the quota of mobs has been fulfilled:

Lady Moonberry says: That should do the trick! I'll keep an eye on the Drust, you head back to Aliothe!
Moonberry flies the player back to Hibernal Hollow.

This completes the "The Fallen Tree" chapter of the Ardenweald storyline. The campaign continues with N [58] For the Sake of Spirit and N [58] Despoilers.

Criteria of


  1. N [57] Echoes of Tirna Noch
  2. N [57] Read the Roots, N [57] Take What You Can, and N [57] Mementos
  3. N [57] He's Drust in the Way
  4. N [57] Go for the Heart
  5. N [57] Sparkles Rain from Above

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