For the Classic quest, see N [55] Speak to Salfa.
NeutralSpeak to Salfa
Start Nafien
End Salfa
Level 15-30
Category Winterspring
Experience 3400
Reputation +100 Timbermaw Hold
Rewards 35s


Travel through Timbermaw Hold and exit into Winterspring. Speak with Salfa, who stands guard outside the entrance to Timbermaw Hold.


The threat of corruption comes not only from the Deadwood furbolgs to the south, but also from the east and the Winterfall furbolgs of Winterspring. If you wish to further aid us, speak with Salfa on the other side of the Hold, by the Winterspring entrance. Follow the path to the left to reach it.


You will receive: 35s


Greetings, <class> - I stand guard here as both a speaker for the Timbermaw here in Winterspring and as a defender of the tribe.

Our Winterfall brethren here in this frigid land have fallen under the same corruptive sway as the furbolg of Felwood. If you've come here offering the Timbermaw furbolgs aid, then we are ready to accept such an offer.



When you reach the bridge inside Timbermaw Hold, go across it and keep going east to exit in Winterspring. Taking the lower path north will bring you to Moonglade instead.


  1. Complete all of:
  2. N [15-30] Speak to Salfa — onwards to Winterspring!

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