Speaker Malaka'raz

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NeutralSpeaker Malaka'raz
Image of Speaker Malaka'raz
Title <Drakkari Tribe>
Gender Male
Race Ice troll (Humanoid)
Level 110 - 120
Reaction Alliance Horde
Affiliation(s) Drakkari tribe
Occupation Ambassador, Speaker
Location Terrace of the Speakers, Dazar'alor
Status Alive

Speaker Malaka'raz is an ice troll of the Drakkari tribe located in the House of the Fallen Tribes at the Terrace of the Speakers in Dazar'alor.

He was present in Zanchul during Talanji's coronation. Initially, he was accompanied by a Winterax Speaker and a Frostmane Speaker, and during Talanji's final speech he was standing with Speaker Ik'nal.


  • Ability rogue kidneyshot.png  Wild Punch — The caster throws a wild punch at the target inflicting Physical damage. 

Objective of



Come to mock? Come to laugh at the speaker for a fallen empire?

Any troll of Zul'Drak not claimed by da Scourge was broken by dem. In there[sic] death throws, my people slew our loa, stealing the power of dese gods to wield against the Scourge, and then they died as well.

I be here, now, as little more than a pet for these Zandalari. An oddity dey pull out to show dere children somethin' exotic.

Leave me be.


  • He uses the undead troll voice.

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