The Spear of Xuen is a rare pandaren archaeology artifact, created from 180x [Pandaren Archaeology Fragment]. Up to three  [Pandaren Pottery Shard] may be used to solve this artifact.



The broken pieces of this spear radiate power. Perhaps they can be reassembled into a usable weapon?


Crafted during the Zandalari Troll Wars, this imposing spear is surprisingly lightweight and flexible. Its lacquered wooden shaft is gouged with deep scars, though the tip appears completely unscathed. Judging by the length of this weapon and its date of origin, you presume it was a mounted weapon intended for use from the back of a flying serpent. Scratched into the weathered handle is a note: "The only opponent is yourself." Xuen, the White Tiger, is legendary for his ferocity and prowess in battle. It is at his temple, high in the mountains of Kun Lai Summit[sic], that hopeful warriors temper their strength with discipline.

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