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Table structure:

  • itemid - Integer
  • quality - String
  • name - String
  • icon - String
  • bind - String
  • artifact - Boolean
  • sellprice - String

This table has 71,711 rows altogether.

Page itemid quality name icon bind artifact sellprice
'Borrowed' Highborne Magi's Chalice 141,954 poor 'Borrowed' Highborne Magi's Chalice inv_misc_trophy_argent BoP Yes 1000000
'Bottled' Ley-Enriched Water 140,204 Common 'Bottled' Ley-Enriched Water ability_mage_conjurefoodrank12 No 3750
'Free-Range' Honey-Glazed Ham 140,207 Common 'Free-Range' Honey-Glazed Ham inv_misc_food_50 No 3750
'Fresh' Moist Azsunian Feta 140,205 Common 'Fresh' Moist Azsunian Feta inv_misc_food_38 No 3750
'Misplaced' Anima Tolls 179,363 uncommon 'Misplaced' Anima Tolls inv_misc_trinket6oih_lanterna1 bop No
'Natural' Highmountain Spring Water 140,203 Common 'Natural' Highmountain Spring Water inv_drink_07 No 3750
'Nessy's Trophy Pincers 81,859 uncommon 'Nessy's Trophy Pincers inv_hand_1h_pandariaquest_b_02 bop No 234839
'Organic' Azsunian Grapes 140,201 Common 'Organic' Azsunian Grapes inv_misc_food_57 No 3750
'Procured' Kirin Tor Wand Tip 133,030 Uncommon 'Procured' Kirin Tor Wand Tip ability_shootwand bop No 148051
"01000010" 114,013 Poor "01000010" inv_misc_book_08 No 5000
"Adorable Ascended" Costume 184,505 common "Adorable Ascended" Costume inv_helm_leather_bastion_d_01 No 1
"Ancient Potsherds" 152,699 Common "Ancient Potsherds" archaeology_5_0_crackedmogurunestone quest No
"Aurora Borealis" 160,484 Common "Aurora Borealis" inv_potion_109 No 1150
"Bear" Hide Boots 62,884 uncommon "Bear" Hide Boots inv_boots_07 bop No 556
"Bear" Steaks 62,909 common "Bear" Steaks inv_misc_food_122_steak bop No 6
"Bee Bee" Gun 169,858 common "Bee Bee" Gun inv_weapon_rifle_08 No 1
"Blooming Rose" Contender's Costume 116,856 rare "Blooming Rose" Contender's Costume ability_fixated_state_red bop No 250000
"Borrowed" Soulstone 180,686 rare "Borrowed" Soulstone inv_misc_orb_03 bop No 12
"Bravado" Cologne 49,859 common "Bravado" Cologne inv_inscription_inkgreen03 No
"Brew of the Month" Club Membership Form 37,571 common "Brew of the Month" Club Membership Form inv_misc_note_05 bop No
"Brew of the Month" Club Membership Form 37,599 common "Brew of the Month" Club Membership Form inv_misc_note_05 bop No
"Carriage - Christina" Precious Metal Bag 67,396 common "Carriage - Christina" Precious Metal Bag inv_misc_bag_17 boe No 125000
"Carriage - Exclusive" Enchanting Evening Purse 67,389 common "Carriage - Exclusive" Enchanting Evening Purse inv_misc_bag_34 BoE No 200000
"Carriage - Exclusive" Gem Studded Clutch 67,392 common "Carriage - Exclusive" Gem Studded Clutch inv_misc_book_18 boe No 225000
"Carriage - Going Green" Herb Tote Bag 67,393 common "Carriage - Going Green" Herb Tote Bag inv_misc_basket_03 BoE No 70000
"Carriage - Maddy" High Tech Bag 67,390 common "Carriage - Maddy" High Tech Bag inv_box_01 BoE No 150000
"Carriage - Meeya" Leather Bag 67,395 common "Carriage - Meeya" Leather Bag inv_misc_bag_36 BoE No 100000
"Carriage - Xandera" Student's Satchel 67,394 common "Carriage - Xandera" Student's Satchel inv_misc_bag_21 BoE No 80000
"Carriage" Signature Bag 67,387 common "Carriage" Signature Bag inv_misc_bag_29 No 75000
"Clean" Beast Guts 60,742 common "Clean" Beast Guts inv_misc_organ_10 quest No
"Collecting" Bag 57,251 common "Collecting" Bag inv_misc_bag_11 bop No 250
"Count" Ungula's Mandible 25,459 common "Count" Ungula's Mandible inv_weapon_hand_01 bop No
"Creatures That Owe Sal'salabim Golds" 25,766 poor "Creatures That Owe Sal'salabim Golds" inv_misc_note_01 bop No
"Da Bruisery" Hot & Wroth 117,439 common "Da Bruisery" Hot & Wroth inv_drink_11 No 8900
"Da Bruisery" OPA 117,453 common "Da Bruisery" OPA inv_drink_03 No 8100
"Dapper Gentleman" Costume 103,786 uncommon "Dapper Gentleman" Costume inv_helmet_119 No 1
"Delicious" Worm Steak 64,641 common "Delicious" Worm Steak inv_misc_food_14 bop No 300
"Distilled" Fuel Barrel 91,846 common "Distilled" Fuel Barrel inv_gizmo_fuelcell quest No
"Dread Pirate" Costume 103,795 uncommon "Dread Pirate" Costume inv_helmet_66 No 1
"Earth-Slasher" Master Plow 89,814 common "Earth-Slasher" Master Plow inv_crate_05 bop No 250000
"Enchantress" Perfume 49,857 common "Enchantress" Perfume inv_inscription_inkpurple04 No
"Fireproof" Venture Co. Blastplate 118,071 Uncommon "Fireproof" Venture Co. Blastplate inv_chest_plate_draenorquest95_b_01 bop No 244355
"Fireproof" Venture Co. Chainmail 118,072 Uncommon "Fireproof" Venture Co. Chainmail inv_chest_mail_draenorquest95_b_01 bop No 245240
"Fireproof" Venture Co. Robes 118,074 Uncommon "Fireproof" Venture Co. Robes inv_cloth_draenorquest95_b_01robe bop No 246985
"Fireproof" Venture Co. Tunic 118,073 Uncommon "Fireproof" Venture Co. Tunic inv_leather_draenorquest95_b_01chest bop No 246101
"Fly" Rock 153,568 Poor "Fly" Rock inv_stone_weightstone_08 No 2500
"Flying Faerie" Costume 184,506 common "Flying Faerie" Costume ability_ardenweald_deathknight No 1
"Flying" Worgen Robes 58,216 common "Flying" Worgen Robes inv_chest_cloth_84 bop No 25
"Forever" Perfume 49,858 common "Forever" Perfume inv_inscription_inkpurple02 No
"Fragrant" Pheromone Fish 110,508 common "Fragrant" Pheromone Fish inv_misc_fish_75 bop No
"Genuine Titan Disc" 152,703 Common "Genuine Titan Disc" inv_stone_sharpeningstone_06 quest No
"Hard" Rock 153,569 Poor "Hard" Rock inv_stone_11 No 2500
"Healthy" Chips 163,770 Common "Healthy" Chips inv_misc_food_vendor_toastedfishjerky BtA No
"Honorary Brewer" Hand Stamp 33,978 common "Honorary Brewer" Hand Stamp ability_mount_mountainram bop No
"Honorary Brewer" Hand Stamp 34,028 common "Honorary Brewer" Hand Stamp ability_mount_mountainram bop No
"Human Improved" 100,736 Poor "Human Improved" inv_gizmo_poltryiser_01 No 350000
"Jenny's" Gloves 65,714 uncommon "Jenny's" Gloves inv_gauntlets_31 bop No 595
"Jewelry" 143,845 Uncommon "Jewelry" inv_misc_bone_09 quest No
"Jinyu Princess" Irrigation System 89,812 common "Jinyu Princess" Irrigation System inv_crate_03 bop No 250000
"Killer" Brew 147,776 Common "Killer" Brew trade_archaeology_skullmug No 250
"Lil' Starlet" Costume 116,811 uncommon "Lil' Starlet" Costume inv_helmet_176 No 1
"Little Princess" Costume 103,789 common "Little Princess" Costume inv_helm_misc_conepartyhat No 1
"Mad Alchemist" Costume 116,810 uncommon "Mad Alchemist" Costume inv_gnomish_xray_specs No 1
"Magic" Mushroom 69,994 Common "Magic" Mushroom inv_mushroom_02 quest No
"Magic" Rock 153,570 Poor "Magic" Rock inv_stone_02 No 2500
"Merry Munchkin" Costume 128,650 Common "Merry Munchkin" Costume inv_helmet_67 No
"Mostly Stable" Elixir 113,311 Poor "Mostly Stable" Elixir inv_potionf_1 BoP No 22600
"New!" Kaja'Cola 133,545 Common "New!" Kaja'Cola inv_drink_21 No
"New" and "Improved" Infrared Heat Focals 92,475 Common "New" and "Improved" Infrared Heat Focals inv_helmet_goggles_pandariatradeskill_d_01 quest No
"Nippy" Cologne 63,314 poor "Nippy" Cologne inv_misc_monsterclaw_07 No 20
"Preserved" Foodstuffs 155,842 poor "Preserved" Foodstuffs inv_food_christmasfruitcake_01 bop No 70315
"Reliable" Boom-O-Tronic 134,123 uncommon "Reliable" Boom-O-Tronic inv_weapon_rifle_04 bop No 24
"Reliable" Threat Assessor 113,024 Uncommon "Reliable" Threat Assessor inv_misc_enggizmos_27 bop No 191814
"Relic of the Makers" 160,262 uncommon "Relic of the Makers" trade_archaeology_nerubian_obelisk bop No 349079
"Relic of the Makers" (quest item) 152,704 Common "Relic of the Makers" trade_archaeology_nerubian_obelisk quest No
"Revised" Chronicles of Argus 146,126 poor "Revised" Chronicles of Argus inv_misc_book_04 bop Yes 250000
"Rylak Claws" 115,351 Common "Rylak Claws" inv_misc_food_73cinnamonroll No 1250
"Scrutiny" 80,828 common "Scrutiny" inv_misc_branch_01 quest No
"Sea Dog" Grog 152,667 common "Sea Dog" Grog inv_drink_10 quest No
"Shiny" Rock 153,566 Poor "Shiny" Rock inv_misc_gem_diamond_04 No 2500
"Silvermoon" Harry's Debt 34,115 common "Silvermoon" Harry's Debt inv_misc_coin_01 quest No
"Skyterror" Personal Delivery System 114,246 common "Skyterror" Personal Delivery System achievment_boss_spineofdeathwing bop No
"Smart Bracers" 56,884 uncommon "Smart Bracers" inv_bracer_67v2 bop No 7148
"Smooth" Rock 153,567 Poor "Smooth" Rock inv_stone_sharpeningstone_05 No 2500
"Stable" Elixir 113,312 Poor "Stable" Elixir inv_alchemy_endlessflask_06 BoP No 94000
"STALWART" Cologne 49,861 common "STALWART" Cologne inv_inscription_inkgreen02 No
"Super Sterilized" Blastguard Britches 118,090 rare "Super Sterilized" Blastguard Britches inv_leather_draenorquest95_b_01pant bop No 38825
"Super Sterilized" Blastguard Leggings 118,089 Rare "Super Sterilized" Blastguard Leggings inv_pant_mail_draenorquest95_b_01 BoP No 296012
"Super Sterilized" Blastguard Legplates 118,087 Rare "Super Sterilized" Blastguard Legplates inv_pant_plate_draenorquest95_b_01 BoP No 293882
"Super Sterlized" Blastguard Legwraps 118,088 Rare "Super Sterlized" Blastguard Legwraps inv_cloth_draenorquest95_b_01pant BoP No 294933
"Swamp Eye" Belt 57,835 uncommon "Swamp Eye" Belt inv_belt_87v3 bop No 1611
"Swamp Eye" Chain Sash 131,649 uncommon "Swamp Eye" Chain Sash inv_belt_87v3 bop No 2784
"The Brokers Angle'r" 180,136 rare "The Brokers Angle'r" inv_misc_2h_oribosfishingpole_d_01 bop No 49217
"The Claw Clacks for Thee" 135,509 Common "The Claw Clacks for Thee" inv_hand_1h_430oldgod_c_01 quest No
"The Felic" 136,687 rare "The Felic" inv_gizmo_felironcasing boe No
"Third Wind" Potion 138,486 rare "Third Wind" Potion inv_drink_29_sunkissedwine No 62
"Thunder King" Pest Repellers 89,813 common "Thunder King" Pest Repellers inv_crate_02 bop No 250000
"Tillik" of the Flock 112,331 common "Tillik" of the Flock trade_archaeology_troll_voodoodoll quest No
"Twirling Bottom" Repeater 136,630 Uncommon "Twirling Bottom" Repeater inv_weapon_rifle_23 bop No 23700
"VICTORY" Perfume 49,856 common "VICTORY" Perfume inv_inscription_inkpurple03 No