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A Smoke-Stained Locket

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== Description ==
This locket has a few small leaf-shaped carvings etched into its face, but any other details have been rubbed away with time, or burned away with fire. It appears to be [[Druid|druidic]] in nature.
Most druids pass through [[Moonglade]] during their training. If anybody can help you decipher where this locket came from, it would be [[Rabine Saturna]] of [[Nighthaven]].
== Rewards ==
== Progress ==
Yes, young <race>?
== Completion ==
What have we here? A necklace? No, a locket...
Oh, my...
You will receive:
*34700 XP (or {{cost|8|27}} at max level)
*+75 reputation [[Guardians of Hyjal]]