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Taurajo Refugee

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| faction = Horde
| repfaction = Thunder Bluff
| location = The [[OvergrowthSouthern Barrens]]
'''Taurajo Refugees''' are [[tauren]] displaced from [[Camp Taurajo]]. They escaped the [[Alliance]]'s attack on the camp, later moving to [[Camp Una'fe]]. WhileSeveral were attacked by the hostile plants in the [[Overgrowth]] while out hunting for berries and nuts. theyOthers were attackedcaptured by the hostile plants in the [[Overgrowthquilboar]] while fleeing Taurajo.
They arecan be found being flailed about by [[Grasping Overgrowth]]s, held in quilboar cages, or resting in Camp Una'fe.
==Objective of==
*Rescued during [[Quest:When Plants Attack]]
*Rescued during [[Quest:Bad to Worse]]
On being rescued from plants:
*{{text|say|I remember when the Barrens was ... barren. And we liked it!}}
*{{text|say|I've had enough of this jungle!}}
*{{text|say|Thank you! That thing was shaking me like a ragdoll.}}
*{{text|say|Whew! I'm never eating asparagus again.}}
On being rescued from quilboar cages:
*{{text|say|I only understand a few words of the quilboar tongue, but I didn't like what I heard.}}
*{{text|say|You're a savior! I don't know what those things wanted from us...}}
*{{text|say|Free at last!}}
*{{text|say|Are the refugees still gathering at Camp Una'fe?}}
*{{text|say|Thank you!}}
==Patch changes==