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Commander Deremat

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|name=Commander Deremat
|image=Commander Deremat.jpg
|location=[[Sha'tar Way Station]], [[Talador]]
|location=[[Sha'tar Way Station]], [[Talador]]
'''Commander Deremat''' is a [[draenei]] located at [[Sha'tar Way Station]] in [[Talador]]. He speaks to a gathered host of draenei.
Shattrath has been attacked by a terrible foe!
Many lives were lost in the attack, both friends and family alike.
Due to your heroic actions, however, many more lives were saved.
Although we were unprepared for the attack, each one of you performed admirably.
Starting today, new patrols will be instituted across all of Shattrath.
Make no mistake, we will NOT be caught unprepared again!
May the light embrace you!
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