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The Purple Princess

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* {{RaceIcon|VendingMachine}} [[Snack-O-Matic IV]]
* {{RaceIcon|VendingMachine}} [[Vendo-O-Tron D-Luxe]]
;Arrivial [[Tirisfal Glades]]
*{{text|yell|[[Hin Denburg]]|The zeppelin to Grom'gol has just arrived! All aboard for Stranglethorn!}}
*{{text|emote|Sky-Captain Cablelamp|clears her throat loudly.}}
*{{text|say|Sky-Captain Cablelamp|Watcher, we have docked. On your feet!}}
*{{text|say|Sky-Captain Cablelamp|Is your job so hard that you don't even have the energy to stand at the ready when we dock? I gave you this post as a favor to your family. Don't make me regret that decision.}}
*{{text|say|Chief Officier Hammerflange|WAKE UP!! WE ARE SHOVING OFF!}}
*{{text|say|Chief Officier Hammerflange|NAP'S OVER!! WE ARE HEADING OUT!}}
*{{text|say|Navigator Hatch|Time to work my magic!}}
*{{text|say|Navigator Hatch|It's go time!}}
*{{text|say|Navigator Hatch|Time to get this show on the road!}}
==Patches and hotfixes==