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correct Eversong and Azuremyst Isle, add Tol Barad Peninsula as an option
Starting Zones -->|kezan|lost isles|gilneas|ruins of gilneas=1-20<!--
Leveling Zones -->|mount hyjal|kelp'thar forest|shimmering expanse|abyssal depths|vashj'ir|deepholm|uldum|twilight highlands|tol barad|tol barad peninsula=30-35<!--
Molten Front -->|molten front=35<!--
Burning Crusade max +2 -->|tbc-max+2|bc-max+2|burning crusade-max+2|the burning crusade-max+2=32<!--
BC starter 0s -->|azuremyst isle|eversong woods=1-1030<!--
Bloodmyst Isle -->|bloodmyst isle|ghostlands=1-30<!--
Isle of Quel'Danas -->|isle of quel'danas=25-30<!--