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20 June 2021

     20:38  Template:Level‎‎ 4 changes history+235[Dark T Zeratul‎ (4×)]
20:38 (cur | prev) +11 Dark T Zeratul talk contribs
20:18 (cur | prev) +2 Dark T Zeratul talk contribs Undo revision 6107112 by Dark T Zeratul (talk) Tag: Undo
20:18 (cur | prev) -2 Dark T Zeratul talk contribs
20:06 (cur | prev) +224 Dark T Zeratul talk contribs

18 June 2021

     22:30  Gryphon‎‎ 11 changes history+507[Surafbrov‎; Ryon21‎; DeludedTroll‎ (4×); Mrforesttroll‎ (5×)]
22:30 (cur | prev) -199 DeludedTroll talk contribs →‎Notes and trivia: Sam calls it a "parrot gryphon" because, well, that's just a description of what it looks like. It's showing what things might look like if a parallel version of Falstad and Swiftwing existed in a dimension where everything is pirate-themed and where gryphons don't exist. It's a silly non-canon thing that's no more relevant to actual Warcraft gryphons than Ringleader Greymane's lion form is to Warcraft worgen.
22:25 (cur | prev) +199 Mrforesttroll talk contribs →‎Notes and trivia
22:18 (cur | prev) -177 Surafbrov talk contribs it's a giant parrot with a buccaneer riding it, similar to that of the parrots in Freehold. Just because the concept calls it a "Parrot Gryphon" doesn't mean it was intended to be a gryphon. It is just changing a known character in lore, Swiftwing (and Falstad), and theming it to something else. A giant parrot and a buccaneer. Tag: Undo
22:06 (cur | prev) +177 Mrforesttroll talk contribs →‎Gallery: Parrot Gryphon is a unique appearance of a gryphon outside canon
21:44 (cur | prev) +82 DeludedTroll talk contribs →‎Gallery: I suppose this one is relevant to include, though.
21:39 (cur | prev) -177 DeludedTroll talk contribs →‎Gallery: Falstad's default skin makes sense to include because there, Swiftwing looks like a canon gryphon, just done in the HotS style. The Buccaneer screenshot is IMO out of place since it's purely non-canon and has no relevance to what Warcraft gryphons actually look like.
21:26 (cur | prev) +177 Mrforesttroll talk contribs →‎Gallery
21:17 (cur | prev) -90 DeludedTroll talk contribs →‎Gallery: We don't need to split up every gallery into half a dozen tiny sub-galleries based on image sources. It doesn't make the article better, it just creates a whole lot of empty space. Also, not every race gallery needs to include every single image that's ever been made that happens to include the race in question, especially when you can barely see them in the thumbnail (e.g. the Chronicle 2 art).
21:12 (cur | prev) -56 Ryon21 talk contribs →‎Gallery: I think some rows can be merged
20:51 (cur | prev) +115 Mrforesttroll talk contribs →‎Gallery
20:36 (cur | prev) +456 Mrforesttroll talk contribs →‎Gallery
     21:24  Gryphon rider diffhist +68 Mrforesttroll talk contribs →‎Gallery
     03:01  Template:Level diffhist -1 Dark T Zeratul talk contribs

16 June 2021

 m   00:04  Lion's Landing diffhist +127 WardsJames talk contribs