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19 April 2021

     23:40  Template:Patch diffhist -16 Ddcorkum talk contribs Removing false positives by putting the api links only on pages with a Template:apinav
     23:39  Template:Apinav diffhist +171 Ddcorkum talk contribs Adding an unambiguous flag to api pages.
 m   21:19  Module:Api diffhist +15 Ddcorkum talk contribs Order of logical operators

18 April 2021

     18:10  Events diffhist -32 Ddcorkum talk contribs Removing the manual link to Category:API events so that Template:wowapievent and Module:Api can do some category sorting magic. Tag: WoW API docs
     18:08  Module:Api‎‎ 3 changes history+409[Ddcorkum‎ (3×)]
18:08 (cur | prev) +176 Ddcorkum talk contribs Articles about the API, which are not actually API members themselves, will now appear at the start of each category.
17:53 (cur | prev) +233 Ddcorkum talk contribs Adding support for macro slash commands.
00:49 (cur | prev) 0 Ddcorkum talk contribs Eliminating false positives such as P.B.I.T being labelled an event. Tag: WoW API docs
     09:53  XML elements diffhist +22 Meorawr31439 talk contribs →‎Include: Note that loading scripts via Include elements also works Tag: WoW API docs
     03:06  Widget API diffhist +15 Ketho talk contribs →‎ModelScene: CreateActor Tag: WoW API docs
     02:03  UI escape sequences‎‎ 2 changes history+45[Ketho‎ (2×)]
02:03 (cur | prev) -91 Ketho talk contribs →‎Hyperlinks: removed bit about alpha Tag: WoW API docs
01:06 (cur | prev) +136 Ketho talk contribs →‎Hyperlinks: syntax Tag: WoW API docs

17 April 2021

     22:31  Template:Patch diffhist -129 Ddcorkum talk contribs Moving the API changes link to a more prominent position, and allowing it to be a red link, per discussion on Discord
     20:51  UI escape sequences‎‎ 13 changes history+823[Surafbrov‎ (2×); Ddcorkum‎ (2×); Ketho‎ (9×)]
20:51 (cur | prev) 0 Ketho talk contribs →‎Hyperlinks Tag: WoW API docs
20:50 (cur | prev) +16 Ketho talk contribs →‎Hyperlinks Tag: WoW API docs
20:49 (cur | prev) +388 Ketho talk contribs →‎Hyperlinks: changed darktable and descriptions Tag: WoW API docs
20:20 (cur | prev) +40 Ketho talk contribs →‎Hyperlinks: inspecting hyperlink wording Tag: WoW API docs
20:15 (cur | prev) +4 Ketho talk contribs →‎Hyperlinks: dump would error on that lol Tag: WoW API docs
20:14 (cur | prev) -3 Surafbrov talk contribs →‎Texture atlas
20:11 (cur | prev) -2 Ddcorkum talk contribs →‎achievement: AchievementLink Tag: WoW API docs
20:07 (cur | prev) +391 Ddcorkum talk contribs →‎Hyperlinks: Merging from other pages. Tag: WoW API docs
19:40 (cur | prev) 0 Surafbrov talk contribs →‎storecategory
19:27 (cur | prev) +88 Ketho talk contribs →‎Hyperlinks: color link format Tag: WoW API docs
18:22 (cur | prev) -10 Ketho talk contribs Tag: WoW API docs
18:21 (cur | prev) +13 Ketho talk contribs →‎item Tag: WoW API docs
18:20 (cur | prev) -102 Ketho talk contribs →‎item: 18 params Tag: WoW API docs

16 April 2021

     19:36  World of Warcraft: Battle for Azeroth diffhist +19 Surafbrov talk contribs
 m   07:59  World of Warcraft API diffhist 0 Ketho talk contribs →‎API Reference Tag: WoW API docs
 m   07:59  Events diffhist 0 Ketho talk contribs Tag: WoW API docs

15 April 2021

     20:50  Events diffhist -307 Ketho talk contribs update link Tag: WoW API docs
     00:41  Widget script handlers diffhist -9 Ketho talk contribs →‎EditBox: OnCursorChanged Tag: WoW API docs

14 April 2021

 m   10:29  Template:Patch diffhist +13 Surafbrov talk contribs