Special Delivery (quest)

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NeutralSpecial Delivery
Start Silgryn
End Silgryn
Level 110 (Requires 110)
Category Suramar
Experience 16,870
Reputation +25 The Nightfallen
Rewards  [Enchanted Nightborne Coin]
20g 60s
Previous N [110] Dispensing Compassion
Next N [110] Shift Change


Acquire 3 Stacks of Letters from Nightborne Couriers using the Nightborne Spellblade.


Verene's child has gone missing. I can guess what happened, but I need to be sure.

Most guardsmen use couriers to relay delicate information. In this, magic is strictly the province of high ranking officials.

Take this blade. Do not touch the cutting edge. Use it to silently waylay the couriers and collect any correspondence they carry.

With any luck, the missives will tell us exactly where to find the girl.

We guards know everything, after all.

<Silgryn offers you a winning smile.>


You will receive: 20g 60s
Inv misc coin 17.png [Enchanted Nightborne Coin]


Were you successful?


Fine work. I will read these over.


Silgryn says: Let me see...
Silgryn quickly shuffles through the stack of letters.
Silgryn says: Hm. They've been rounding up a lot of people lately. Children, too.
Verene says: Do you think Korine could be with the other children?
Silgryn says: Very possible. I'll have our friend here follow a guard in and find out.



  1. N [110] Lady Lunastre
  2. N [110] One of the People
  3. N [110] Dispensing Compassion
  4. Complete all of:
    1. N [110] The Gondolier
    2. N [110] All Along the Waterways & N [110] Redistribution
  5. N [110] Shift Change
  6. N [110] Friends in Cages
  7. N [110] Little One Lost
  8. N [110] Friends On the Outside
  9. N [110] Thalyssra's Abode

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