Speedbarge Diving Helm
Usable by
Class All
School Physical
Cooldown None/Global Cooldown

Speedbarge Diving Helm is a buff rewarded when accepting B [15-30] Down in the Deeps at Fizzle and Pozzik's Speedbarge.

Similar to [Sea Legs], the buff provides underwater walking, water-breathing and a movement speed increase while underwater in Thousand Needles. After the quest, players will always have this buff in Thousand Needles.

The speed bonus depends on how the player is moving:

  • Swimming speed is increased by 60%, becoming roughly 7% faster than running on land.
  • Running on the sea floor is as fast as apprentice riding on land at 60% faster than running on land.
  • The buff does not stack with Mounts.

Aquatic speeds

Movement type yd/sec Run % Swim %
Normal swimming  4.7222  67.46% 100%
Normal swimming with Swift Landing
 [Azure Silk Belt]
 [Glompmaw's Ring]
 5.4306  77.58% 115%
[Unending Breath]  5.6667  80.95% 120%
 [Hook of the Master Angler]  6.375  91.07% 135%
[Speedbarge Diving Helm] (swimming)  7.5556 107.94% 160%
Most aquatic mounts
[Travel Form]
 [Swim Speed Potion]
 [Shimmerscale Diving Suit]
 [Pocket-Sized Computation Device] via  [Slipstream Generator]
 9.4444 134.92% 200%
[Sea Legs] (swimming) 10.3417 147.74% 219%
[Well Fed] 10.6250 151.79% 225%
[Speedbarge Diving Helm] (running)
[Sea Legs] (running)
11.2 160% 237%
 [Underlight Angler] with [Underlight Blessing] 11.8055 168.7% 250%
 [Cursed Swabby Helmet] 14.1666 202.38% 300%
[Sea Legs] on most aquatic mounts 18.8889 269.84% 400%
 [Vashj'ir Seahorse] 25.9722 371.03% 550%

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