Priest Coefficients

Here is a list of coefficients for priest spells.[1]
The spells that say "per target" or "per charge" have that percent of the +healing applied to each application of healing that the spell does.

Ability Name Spell Damage/Healing Coefficient
Healing Abilities
Binding Heal (Per Target) 42.9%
Circle of Healing (Per Target) 14.3%
Flash Heal 42.9%
Greater Heal 85.7%
Power Word: Shield 20.0%
Prayer of Healing (Per Target) 28.6%
Prayer of Mending (Per Charge) 42.9%
Renew 100%
Offensive Abilities
Holy Fire (Damage Effect) 75.0%
Holy Fire (DoT Effect) 25.0%
Mana Burn 0.00%
Mind Blast 42.9%
Mind Flay 57.2%
Shadowfiend 65.0%
Shadow Word: Death 42.9%
Shadow Word: Pain 110%
Smite 71.4%
Vampiric Touch 100%
Racial Abilities
Desperate Prayer 42.9%
Devouring Plague 100%
Feedback 0.00%
Shadowguard 100%
Starshards 171.4%
Touch of Weakness 10.0%