HordeSpike the Punch
Start First Mate Owings
End First Mate Owings
Level 35-50
Category Horde War Campaign
Experience 17,850
Rewards 23g 40s
Previous H [35-50] Parleyin' Wit Pirates
Next H [35-50] Thar She Blows! & H [35-50] A Change in Direction


Spike 6 Kegs of Grog.


Step one in causing a mutiny? Make it seem like leadership is incompetent.

If the captain wants to sell our souls to the Ashvanes, we're going to need to get dirty.

I hate to say it... but we've got to muck up the booze.

That'll make the crew angry at the captain before you can even blink.


You will receive:

  • 23g 40s
  • 17,850 XP


It's a dirty deed, but it's necessary.


That is not what I...

You know what? Sure. That works.


Destroying the kegs will force the nearby pirates to attack you.

On completion
First Mate Owings yells: Alright boys, it's mutiny time! The Fogsail refuse to sell our freedom!


  1. H [35-50] Foothold: Tiragarde Sound
  2. H [35-50] Shiver Me Timbers
  3. H [35-50] Swashbuckling in Style
  4. H [35-50] Parleyin' Wit Pirates
  5. H [35-50] Spike the Punch & H [35-50] Cannonball Collection
  6. H [35-50] Thar She Blows! & H [35-50] A Change in Direction
  7. H [35-50] I'm the Captain Now
  8. H [35-50] Marking Our Territory
  9. H [35-50] Champion: Shadow Hunter Ty'jin
  10. H [35-50] Return to Zuldazar

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