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MobSpiny Raptor
Image of Spiny Raptor
Race Raptor (Beast)
Level 1-20
Reaction Hostile
Location Raptor Rise, Lost Isles
Pet family Raptor

Spiny Raptors are raptors located in Raptor Rise on the Lost Isles. They come in colors of green, red, blue and black.


  • Inv misc root 02 Head Butt — Confuses a target for 3 sec.

Objective of[]

Notes and trivia[]

Lost Isle Dinosaurs concept art

Concept art.

  • The spiny raptors use the Outland raptor model. They were never given a unique model to represent their concept art, which showed their mandibles as differing from those of the common raptor, being somewhat similar to a beak. Also, their spikes appeared to be structures similar to feathers, due to their shape and location, meaning that these raptors could have been in their way to evolving into birds. All in all, their concept art suggests they're a different species of raptor as a whole, similar to falcosaurs.
  • Teraptor Hatchlings and their Matriarch likely belong to the spiny raptor family as well.

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