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“A trained shaman has the ability to communicate with the four elements of earth, fire, air, and water. This is known. What is not as widely known, however, is the presence of a fifth element. This element is not as clearly described as the other four, but it has to do with the shared... commonality between all living creatures.”

Earthmender Duarn[1]
Spirit of the Wilds HS

Spirit of the Wilds in Hearthstone: Book of Heroes.

Spirit energy, also called Spirit of Life or Spirit of the Wilds,[2][3] and referred to as Chi by monks and pandaren,[4] is the fifth element,[5][6] the inner energy[7] inside all living beings.[8][9] It is the spark in their hearts that connects the mortals even to the elements.[8] Spirit brings balance to fire, earth, air, and water, and the reason that Azeroth's elementals are so chaotic is because, as it developed, Azeroth's unusually vast world-soul consumed much of planet's Spirit.[10] On worlds more plentiful in spirit like Draenor, the elementals are calmer and work in harmony.[11] In fact, Draenor had so much Spirit that it caused accelerated plant growth, giving rise to the Sporemounds.[12] Spirit has also shown the ability to turn stone into flesh over time. The magnaron were infused with spirit energy by the spores released upon the Sporemound Botaan's death, turning them into flesh in the form of gronn, and then ogron, ogres, and orcs over thousands of years.[13]

The Shaman said that all things had a life, a power, a spirit. They are deeply involved with the spirits of the elements — earth, air, fire, water, and the Spirit of the Wilds — and claimed they could sense the life force in earth and even seemingly dead stone.[14] This Spirit was what gave the shaman their connection to the elements, to others, and to himself.[15] The Spirit of Life is what granted Thrall the strength to hold something so strong, so profound, that it had once been granted by the titans themselves.[16]

Members of the Earthen Ring save this Spirit for apprentice's studies till they are ready.[15] Muln Earthfury was not sure if he contacted the spirit as it is said to be a ghostly, elusive feeling.

Decay, the opposite of Spirit, can be used to bind an elemental to one's will and force the elements to obey. Those who use Decay are known as dark shaman.[4] It is believed that both Spirit and Decay influence the soul's creation of anima.[17]


Thrall once called upon the Spirit of the Wilds to have a great white stag lay down its life when food was becoming scarce for the Frostwolf Clan[9] and was able to summon incorporeal spirit wolves by asking for the favor of the Spirit of Life.[18] Thrall was firstly unable to reach it, though as his journey continued, he embraced it, thus was easily able to communicate with other elements.[19][20]

When the other four elements of nature showed Nobundo this spirit for the first time, he felt that the Wilds was immense and cold, but not hostile, its presence making him feel very small. This spirit spoke with a multitude of voices, both feminine and masculine, in a harmonic symphony from within and all around him. At the time he realized that he was not yet experienced enough to actually understand them.[21]

Kador Cloudsong once summoned the spirit of Cairne Bloodhoof with the help of the Spirit of Life.[22]


  • Spirit of the Wilds: We are the Spirit of the Wilds, the essence and souls of all things living. We are the most powerful of all, surpassing the quakes of Earth, the winds of Air, the flames of Fire, and the floods of Water. Speak, Thrall, and tell us why you think you are worthy of our aid.
    —Spirit of the Wilds to Thrall during his shaman test.


  • In Micky Neilson's opinion, the spirit of life, as a phenomenon of physical nature, is an elemental spirit.[23]
  • The Spirit of Life could be redundantly called the elemental spirit of Spirit.


This article or section includes speculation, observations or opinions possibly supported by lore or by Blizzard officials. It should not be taken as representing official lore.
  • As the Spirit of Life exists in every living being, its shadow, death, might exist in every living being too and might give the living a connection to the realm of spirits. The Spirit of Life invited one who walks in its shadow to the place between the world of the living and the world of spirits, helping the spirit commune with his son.
  • E'ko may be the Zandali term for Spirit.
  • Being a spirit world, the Emerald Dream may be made up of the Spirit element or have a really strong connection with it.



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