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Spirit was a secondary stat that regenerated mana. It was one of the most important stats for healers, allowing them to continue healing for prolonged periods, with lack of sufficient spirit often causing under-geared healers to run out of mana prematurely. Spirit was of no practical use to non-healing specs, since they regenerated mana by other means.

Mana regeneration

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Temporary buffs to spirit

There were several consumable buffs to spirit. Not all stacked with each other, and some have limited availability.


Elixir (you can have 1 Battle Elixir and 1 Guardian Elixir):


Food (food or drink):


Other effects

Some talents and abilities allow you to use your spirit in other ways.

Monk Monk
Priest Priest


Spirit is one of the elemental forces.[1] Pandaren use the word chi for the same energy used by shamans to heal.[2][3] It is the primal life force the shaman tap into.[4] Monks harness their inner chi (i.e. inner spirit) to power their abilities,[5] while using their bodies as their main weapon:[2][5] Chi energy is directed to control the battlefield by enhancing own's movement and restricting foe’s, healing allies while simultaneously damaging enemies, or invoking celestial spirits to aid in battle.[5]

In the RPG

Icon-RPG.png This section contains information from the Warcraft RPG which is considered non-canon.

Spirit in the RPG has an entirely different meaning and function than in World of Warcraft.

In the RPG, Spirit relates to common sense and the ability to perceive the environment. It gives a character the ability to look at a forest and find the tracks of a creature; at the simplest level it allows a character to know not to put his hands in the fire, else they will get burned. Any creature that can perceive its environment in any fashion has at least some Spirit. Those who survive by wit and intuition, such as healers and scouts, have high Spirit.[6]

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