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This article contains lore taken from the Warcraft manga or comics.

The Spirit Festival is an annual festival celebrated by the pandaren of the Wandering Isle to honor the memory of Liu Lang. It is considered the most important celebration of the year.

During one year's festival, the lineup included a musical number by Strongbo's pandowan students. One of the participants was Li Li Stormstout, who ruined the event by falling asleep behind the curtains, to the embarrassment of her father Chon Po. This led to an argument between Li Li and her father in which she argued that the festival was just a show to the people of the Wandering Isle and that they had forgotten the true lessons of Liu Lang, in turn leading to Chon Po forbidding Li Li from entering the island's library and Li Li running off to find her uncle Chen.[1]

See also

  • The Wanderer's Festival, another festival dedicated to Liu Lang, celebrated by mainland pandaren