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This article contains lore taken from Warcraft novels, novellas, or short stories.
Spirit of Air - Shaman manga

The Spirit of Air in World of Warcraft: Shaman.

The Spirit of Air or Wind[1][2] is the spirit of everything encompassing the wind, each world having it's own - a shaman may speak to it when in need of help.[3]

There is one for each world.[2]

Azeroth Spirit[]

The Spirit of Air of Azeroth describes itself as the the winds that warm and cool the earth, the things which fills lungs and keeps beings alive. It carries the birds and insects and dragons, and all things that dare soar to it's challenging heights.

During Thrall's shamans test the Spirit of Air gave him a more light and free sensation than that of the Spirit of Earth. Thrall's soul was filled with laughter and he felt warm winds caress him with various delicious scents, as he floated high above the ground. The Spirit of Air gently let him down on the earth, and left Thrall with a gentle touch before dissipating.[4]

Outland Spirit[]

The Spirit of Wind of Outland first communicated with Nobundo after the orcs abandoned Shamanism in favor of practicing with fel magic. Sensing in Nobundo a kindred spirit, feeling neglected and abused because of the cataclysm of Draenor, it saved him from committing suicide with a gust of air, reassuring him that he was not alone and gave him promises of the future.

It, together with the other three elemental spirits of the Outlands, taught Nobundo the path of the shaman and helped him spread those teachings to the remnants of the Draenei society.

This spirit is supportive and often pushes Nobundo forwards with gusts of wind. It's voice is sometimes calm and placating, while at others it is insistent and forceful. The Spirit of Wind taught Nobundo courage and persistence and how to dig deep within and press on in the face of adversity.[2]

Alternate Draenor Spirit[]

On the alternate Draenor, the Spirit of Wind was subjugated by some wretched creatures in Shadowfall Canyon.[5]


  • Spirit of Air: I am the Spirit of Air, Thrall, son of Durotan. I am the winds that warm and cool the earth, that which fills your lungs and keeps you alive. I carry the birds and insects and dragons, and all things that dare soar to my challenging heights. Ask me.
    - Azeroth Spirit of Air to Thrall
  • Spirit of Wind: Everything that is... is alive.
    - Outland Spirit of Wind to Nobundo.[2]



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