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This article contains lore taken from Warcraft novels, novellas, or short stories.
Spirit of Earth - Shaman manga

The Spirit of Earth in World of Warcraft: Shaman.

The Spirit of Earth is the spirit of everything encompassing the land - a shaman may speak to it when in need of help.[1]

There is one for each world.[2]

Azeroth Spirit[]

The Spirit of Earth of Azeroth describes itself as the soil that yields the fruit, the grasses that feed the beasts, the rock, the bones of this world and that grows and lives in its womb, from worm to tree and flower.

During Thrall's shamans test the Spirit of earth showed it's power, giving Thrall a warm and strong feeling and he felt as solid as the bones of the earth. Then the earth erupted into enormous fissures, and on every inch of what was rock, flowers bloomed. The Spirit of Earth left Thrall, leaving him trembling with shock.[3]

Outland Spirit[]

The Spirit of Earth of the Outlands first communicated with Nobundo after the orcs abandoned Shamanism in favor of practicing with fel magic. Sensing in Nobundo a kindred spirit due to the feeling of neglect and abuse, due to the cataclysm of Draenor, it together with the other three elemental spirits of outlands, taught Nobundo the path of the shaman and helped him spread it to the remnants of the Draenei society.

Earth voice is low and persistent. This spirit lent his strength to Nobundo, when he was exhausted, and gave him resolve, a steel will, and unshakable determination after years of training.[2]

Alternate Draenor Spirit[]

On the alternate Draenor, the Spirit of Earth was subjugated by some wretched creatures in Shadowfall Canyon.[4]


  • Spirit of Earth: I am the Spirit of Earth, Thrall, son of Durotan. I am the soil that yields the fruit, the grasses that feed the beasts. I am the rock, the bones of this world. I am all that grows and lives in my womb, be it worm or tree or flower. Ask me.
    Thrall: "Ask you what?"
    Spirit of Earth:Knowing the question is part of your test.
    Thrall:"Will you lend me your strength and power when I need it, for the good of the Clan and those we would aid?"
    Spirit of Earth: Ask
    Spirit of Earth:I have agreed to lend you my assistance, for the good of the Clan and those you would aid. Honor me, and that gift shall always be yours.
    - Azeroth Spirit of Earth to Thrall in his shaman test.



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