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Not to be confused with Spirit of Fire (Arathi Highlands) or Spirit of Fire (Azuremyst Isle).
This article contains lore taken from Warcraft novels, novellas, or short stories.
Spirit of Fire - Shaman manga

The Spirit of Fire in World of Warcraft: Shaman.

The Spirit of Fire is the spirit of everything encompassing the fire elements — a shaman may speak to it when in need of help.[1]

There is one for each world.[2]

Azeroth Spirit[]

The Spirit of Fire of Azeroth is both a dangerous and a cozy element.

During Thrall's shamans test the Spirit of Fire filled Thrall with power at painful levels, expressed as a heat that churned in thrall's belly and through sweating. It then showed Thrall its power through lighting, the burning of flowers that the Spirit of Earth had grown, and manifested itself as a small cozy contained flame.[3]

Outland Spirit[]

The Spirit of Fire of the Outlands first communicated with Nobundo after the orcs abandoned shamanism in favor of practicing with fel magic. Sensing in Nobundo a kindred spirit due to the feeling of neglect and abuse, due to the cataclym of Draenor, it together with the other three elemental spirits of outlands, taught Nobundo the path of the shaman and helped him spread it to the remnants of the Draenei society.

It appeared before Nobundo as great column of fire, flames spread out and in a flickering dance with shifting, nebulous features.

This spirit is aggressive and intimidating, and doesn't like when Nobundo questions what it has demanded of him. Its voice at times sounds like a great and powerful storm and at others as an occasional rumbling. Fire was the spirit most affected by Nobundo's conflicts. It gave Nobundo passion, a renewed appreciation for life, and the desire to overcome any obstacle.[2]

Alternate Draenor Spirit[]

On the alternate Draenor, the Spirit of Fire was subjugated by some wretched creatures in Shadowfall Canyon.[4]


  • Spirit of Fire: Go to the mountains of Nagrand. High among the peaks you will find a place… where your true journey will begin.
    Nobundo: “To go there, I will have to pass through the camps of the unaffected, where my kind is forbidden.”
    Spirit of Fire: Do not question the opportunity you are being given! Walk with your head held high, for you are no longer alone.
    - Spirit of Fire confronting Nobundo.



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