MobSpirit of Ironstar
Image of Spirit of Ironstar
Gender Male
Race Dark Iron dwarf (Undead)
Level 35 Elite
Resource Mana
Reaction Alliance Horde
Location The Athenaeum, Blackwing Descent
Status Killable

The Spirit of Ironstar is the ghost of a previous leader of the Dark Iron dwarves found in The Athenaeum in Blackwing Descent.

According to legend, Thane Ironstar of the Dark Iron dwarves carved his shield from a sacred high elven tree and then enchanted the item to turn it hard as stone.[1]


  • Ability rogue stayofexecution.png  Execution Sentence — After 20 sec, the target will be sentenced to death. 40 yd range. Channeled.
  • Spell holy divineprovidence.png  Shield of Light — Absorbs 600000 damage, rendering the caster immune to interrupt effects. Instant.
  • He uses the abilities of all Dark Iron Thanes who have been defeated before him.


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The sacred high elf tree he carved his shield from might have been Thas'alah.

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