Spirit of Preservation
Spell azerite essence02.png
Classes Druid, monk, paladin, priest, shaman
Role Healer
Rank 2 Up to 6 allies in Spirit of Preservation's beam are healed for Z every 0.6 sec.
Devout Spirit can now stack up to 5 times.
Rank 3 Gain 1 stack of Devout Spirit each time Spirit of Preservation's beam heals its primary target.
Each stack of Devout Spirit consumed increases the critical strike chance of your next <"quick heal" spell> within 15 sec by 20%.
Rank 4 Spirit of Preservation gains an enhanced appearance.

Spirit of Preservation is an Azerite essence obtained through the Black Empire Campaign and the Uldum Accord reputation faction. This essence can only be used by healer specializations.


Affected spells

Spirit of Preservation/Minor applies to a different spell for each specialization:

Class/spec Name
Restoration Restoration druid [Regrowth]
Mistweaver Mistweaver monk [Vivify]
Holy Holy paladin [Flash of Light]
Holy Holy priest [Flash Heal]
Discipline Discipline priest [Shadow Mend]
Restoration Restoration shaman [Healing Surge]

Patches and hotfixes

  • Battle for Azeroth Hotfix (2020-03-20): Restrictions on acquiring role-specific Azerite Essences from MOTHER have been lifted. Rank 3 tanking, healing, and damage-specific Essences are now grouped together and can be purchased with [Echoes of Ny'alotha] when at least one is unlocked on a character.
Developers' note: This update to the new Echoes of Ny'alotha system is intended to make Essences much more available to your characters whose specializations put them in different roles [...]. A side-effect of this change is that even a single character now has a way to obtain these off-role Essences, and can either use Echoes to purchase them from MOTHER or use the original means of acquisition.

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