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This article contains lore taken from Warcraft novels, novellas, or short stories.
Spirit of Water - Shaman manga

The Spirit of Water in World of Warcraft: Shaman.

The Spirit of Water is the spirit of everything encompassing the different forms of water — a shaman may speak to it when in need of help.[1] There is one for each world.[2]

Azeroth Spirit[]

The Spirit of Water of Azeroth is a calming and soothing element.

During Thrall's shamans test the Spirit of Water calmed the burns cause by the Spirit of Fire with it's presence. The Spirit then showed Thrall a vision of the ocean and it's depths. After the spirit made it snow around Thrall, which with a thought he turned it into rain and then stopped. The spirit left Thrall soothed and strengthened, and Thrall let it go with gratitude. [3]

Outland Spirit[]

The Spirit of Water of the Outlands first communicated with Nobundo after the orcs abandoned Shamanism in favor of practicing with fel magic. Sensing in Nobundo a kindred spirit due to the feeling of neglect and abuse, due to the cataclysm of Draenor. The Water Spirit was also the one that adapted the fastest to the cataclysm. It, together with the other three elemental spirits of outlands, taught Nobundo the path of the shaman and helped him spread it to the remnants of the Draenei society.

This spirit was the calmest of the spirits, only introducing itself when Nobundo couldn't listen to the other spirits trying to talk at the same time, due to missing the discussions with the Shaman. The Water Spirit was the one that took the role of instructing Nobundo into shamanism in general

It's voice is at once clear and soothing, strong and robust, and all of the elements, water is the most light-hearted. Water gave Nobundo clarity and patience, unclouding his thoughts of the burdens of being a Broken.[2]


  • Spirit of Water: You must forgive them: it has been too long since they have felt the tempering influence of the shaman. They are angry, confused, still reeling from the blow dealt to them.
    Nobundo:“The cataclysm,”
    Spirit of Water:Yes. I was perhaps the least affected, but it has always been this way. It is a necessity that I adapt quickly, given that I provide the very foundations of life.
    - The Spirit of Water introducing itself to Nobundo.
  • Spirit of Water: Welcome. Here in this quiet refuge the elements coexist in relative peace, and so our discourse with you will be easier, especially in the early stages of your journey, before you have learned to feel our intentions without thinking. True knowledge and understanding will take years, but if you stay the course, in time we will be yours to call upon… but never to command. Yet if you respect us, and your motives remain unselfish, we will never abandon you.
    Nobundo:“Why have you chosen me?”
    Spirit of Water:The cataclysm cast us all into turmoil and uncertainty. For a time we were lost. In you we sensed a kindred spirit: confused, neglected. It took time for us to recover sufficiently to reach out once again, but when we did, we hoped you would be… receptive.
    Nobundo:“Will I be able to use these abilities to help my people?”
    Spirit of Water:Yes. The relationship between the elements and the shaman is one of synchronicity. The shaman’s influence helps to calm and unite us, just as our influence enriches and fulfills the shaman. When you have completed your training, you will be able to call upon the elements in times of need. If the elements deem your cause just, we will assist you in any way possible.
    - The Spirit of Water explaining why Nobundo was chosen to be a Shaman.
  • Spirit of Water: We sense that you are still… conflicted.
    Nobundo:“Yes, I am haunted by the spirits of those who passed at Shattrath. Can the elements assist in this?”
    Spirit of Water:The conflict rests not with the spirits of the departed, but within you. It is a conflict you alone must resolve.
    Nobundo:“Will this inner struggle prevent me from realizing my true potential as a shaman?”
    Spirit of Water:Your conflict is reflected in the sky above, in the ground beneath you, in me, and especially in Fire. It is a reflection of nature’s eternal struggle to achieve and maintain balance.
    Nobundo: “No matter how far my journey takes me, I suppose true understanding lies in the knowledge that the journey will never end.”
    Spirit of Water:Good… very good. The time has come for you to take your next step, one that may prove to be the most important of all.
    Nobundo:“I am ready.”
    Spirit of Water:Close your eyes.
    - Nobundo discussing his conflict with the Spirit of Water.



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