Spirit of the Boar

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NeutralSpirit of the Boar
Start Bloodmage Drazial
End Bloodmage Drazial
Level 50 (Requires 45)
Category Blasted Lands
Experience 470-4700
Rewards  [Lung Juice Cocktail]
Repeatable Yes

This is one of the Blasted Lands buff quests. It rewards characters with a potion giving +25 stamina for a period of 60 minutes.


Bring three Blasted Boar Lungs, two Scorpok Pincers, and one Basilisk Brain to Bloodmage Drazial.


Blasted Boar Lungs are found from Ashmane Boars and Helboars in the area around Bloodmage Drazial. Scorpok Pincers drop from Scorpok Stingers in the surrounding area. The one  [Basilisk Brain] needed is found from Redstone Crystalhides and Redstone Basilisks.


When I first administered the elixir, <name>, I could tell that one or two applications would not satiate your appetite. Even now, I can see the hunger in your eyes. The concoction has addictive properties of which, seemingly, the most strong of will cannot resist.

So be it! Should you require more of the lung juice cocktail, venture back into the wasteland and find for me three blasted boar lungs, two scorpok pincers, and one basilisk brain.


You will receive:
Inv drink 12.png [Lung Juice Cocktail]


Where are the organs, <name>!?


I must warn you, <name>, do not attempt to mix the formulas I have created. The chemical properties of the formula you most recently ingested will always take precedence over former enchantments; thus, rendering the other formulation null.

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