NeutralSpirit of the Storm Lord
Start Wrathion[60.1, 28.6]
End Wrathion[54.6, 71.8]
Level 90 (Requires 90)
Category Legendary
Experience 294000
Reputation +350 The Black Prince
Rewards 24g 72s
Previous N [90] The Thunder Forge
Next N [90] The Crown of Heaven


Progress through the Isle of Thunder until you unlock the final courtyard. Obtain a Tempered Lightning Lance by thrusting the lance into Storm Lord Nalak and surviving long enough to siphon his power.

Provided item:  [Lightning Lance]


Our next objective is to temper this weapon with the blood of a demigod, one imbued with the Thunder King's powers.

My agents tell me that the mogu named Shan Bu is creating just such a creature, intended to guard the Thunder King's citadel.

Once your faction has fought your way to the front gates, attack Storm Lord Nalak and thrust this lance into his side. The creature will do everything in his power to stop you - stay alive long enough to siphon out the power of the Storm Lord!


You will receive: 24g 72s


What of Storm Lord Nalak? And the lance? Details!


You've done it! The lance seethes with power and potential!

Oh my friends, you have earned a great reward...



Unlocking the Foot of Lei Shen is the final stage of the Isle of Thunder storyline.

On accept:

Wrathion says: You must thrust the spear into the heart of the Storm Lord while he still lives.
Wrathion says: Be careful! The moment it pierces his hide, you will be assaulted by his power.
Wrathion says: It is important to throw the spear just before slaying the beast. Not a moment too soon! Not a moment too late!
Wrathion says: I must make preparations back on the mainland. Return to me at the Veiled Stair when you have what I need.
Wrathion switches to his black dragonwhelp form.
Wrathion says: Oh, and don't die.
Wrathion flies up towards the ceiling and despawns.

Exit the scenario via the Portal to the Isle of Thunder at the southwestern end of the room, or via the interface. The portal will drop champions off at their faction's base. Nalak is made available upon completion of B [35] The Fall of Shan Bu.

As Wrathion mentions before flying away, tag along on any Nalak attempt. At any point during the encounter, use the provided  [Lightning Lance]. This will spawn an add above Nalak that will fixate on the champion and move towards it. Immediately turn around and kite the add around Nalak's plaza, as it will one-shot the player if it lands a hit. The add is rapidly losing health, and will die on its own after roughly thirty seconds.

When entering the tavern after completing the objectives, Wrathion calls out from upstairs:

Wrathion says: Tong, is that our friend?
The player reaches the second floor.
Anduin Wrynn says: I can't believe you're still alive.
  • (Non-Rogue Players) Wrathion says: What did I tell you? Few mortals possess such courage and tenacity.
  • (Rogue Players) Wrathion says: Remind me to tell you the story about my friend here and what we accomplished together at Ravenholdt. Good times!


Patch 5.0 - Mists of Pandaria

  1. Optional breadcrumb: N [90] Stranger in a Strange Land
  2. N [90] A Legend in the Making
  3. N [90] The Strength of One's Foes & N [90] Trial of the Black Prince
  4. N [90] Fear Itself
  5. N [90] Breath of the Black Prince

Patch 5.1 - Landfall

  1. Optional breadcrumb: N [90] Incoming... (A [15-35] Lion's Landing / H [15-35] Domination Point required to continue)
  2. B [90] The Measure of a Leader
  3. B [90] The Prince's Pursuit & B [90] A Test of Valor
  4. Complete all of:
  5. A [90] Call of the Packmaster / H [90] The Soul of the Horde

Patch 5.2 - The Thunder King

  1. Optional breadcrumbs: N [90] The Thunder King / N [90] Meet Me Upstairs
  2. N [90] Secrets of the First Empire & N [90] I Need a Champion
  3. N [90] The Thunder Forge (B [35] To the Skies! required to continue)
  4. N [90] Spirit of the Storm Lord (B [35] The Fall of Shan Bu required to continue)
  5. N [90] The Crown of Heaven
  6. N [90] Echoes of the Titans
  7. N [90] Heart of the Thunder King

Patch 5.3 - Escalation

  1. N [90] Celestial Blessings
  2. N [90] Cloak of Virtue
  3. N [90] Preparing to Strike / N [90] Meet Me Back at the Inn

Patch 5.4 - Siege of Orgrimmar

  1. N [90] A Timeless Discovery
  2. N [90] Secrets of the Timeless Isle & N [90] The Emperor's Way
  3. N [90] A Pandaren Legend
  4. N [90] Judgment of the Black Prince

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