NeutralSpiritual Training: Mercy is for the Weak
Start Instructor Mylva [89.6, 59.1]
End Instructor Mylva [89.6, 59.1]
Level 30-35
Category Mount Hyjal
Experience 27700
Reputation +250 Guardians of Hyjal
Rewards  [Supplicant's Discarded Bracer] or  [Belt of Swift Failure] or  [Chestguard of Rapid Promotion]
7g 80s
Previous N [30-35] Mental Training: Speaking the Truth to Power
Next N [30-35] The Greater of Two Evils, N [30-35] Twilight Territory


Slay 5 Failed Supplicants at Doom's Vigil.


You've made it this far. Others haven't.

Go to Doom's Vigil, just north of here. We've rounded up all the... failures. I want you to help take care of them. It'll be good for your spiritual growth.

If this cold-blooded act gives you trouble, think of it as their second chance. Should any of them manage to kill you... well, they'll take your spot.


You will be able to choose one of these rewards:
Inv bracer cloth cataclysm b 01.png [Supplicant's Discarded Bracer] Inv belt leather cataclysm b 01.png [Belt of Swift Failure]
Inv chest mail 21.png [Chestguard of Rapid Promotion]

You will also receive: 7g 80s


Well, <name>? Is it done?


You're on the fast-track to success. Let us hope you don't ruin your track record with such silly notions as compassion and humaneness.

Come, then. Let us discuss your future.


Exit the camp, head north, then take the fork to the right to reach Doom's Vigil. There's a decently large group of Failed Supplicants being guarded by some Twilight Guards just inside camp.

This concludes Mylva's quests. Do Devoran's and Ortell's quests to continue the storyline.


  1. N [30-35] Commander Jarod Shadowsong
  2. N [30-35] Signed in Blood
  3. N [30-35] Your New Identity
  4. N [30-35] Trial By Fire / N [30-35] In Bloom / N [30-35] Waste of Flesh
  5. N [30-35] Twilight Training
  6. Complete all of:
    • Mylva's quests:
    1. N [30-35] Physical Training: Forced Labor
    2. N [30-35] Agility Training: Run Like Hell!
    3. N [30-35] Mental Training: Speaking the Truth to Power
    4. N [30-35] Spiritual Training: Mercy is for the Weak
    • Devoran's quests:
    1. N [30-35] Walking the Dog
    2. N [30-35] A Champion's Collar
    3. N [30-35] Grudge Match
    • Ortell's quests:
    1. N [30-35] Gather the Intelligence
    2. N [30-35] Seeds of Discord
  7. N [30-35] The Greater of Two Evils / N [30-35] Twilight Territory
  8. N [30-35] Speech Writing for Dummies
  9. N [30-35] Head of the Class
  10. N [30-35] Graduation Speech
  11. N [30-35] Twilight Riot
  12. N [30-35] Slash and Burn
  13. Complete all of:
    • Jarod's quests
    1. N [30-35] Might of the Firelord
    2. N [30-35] The Sanctum of the Prophets
    3. N [30-35] Magma Monarch
    • Aronus' quests
    1. N [30-35] The Twilight Egg
    2. N [30-35] Brood of Evil
    3. N [30-35] Death to the Broodmother
    • Cenarius' quests
    1. N [30-35] Secrets of the Flame
    2. N [30-35] The Gatekeeper
  14. N [30-35] The Firelord
  15. B [30-35] The Battle Is Won, The War Goes On

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