Spitting Cobra

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For the mob in Gundrak, see Spitting Cobra (mob).
Spitting Cobra
Ability hunter cobrastrikes.png
  • Spitting Cobra
  • Level 100 Survival hunter talent
  • 1 min cooldown
  • Instant cast
  • Summons a Spitting Cobra for 30 sec that attacks your target for (100% of attack power) Nature damage every 2 sec. While the Cobra is active you gain an extra 3 Focus every 1 sec.
Usable by
Class Hunter
School Physical
Cooldown 1 minute
Other information
Level learned 100
Related buff
Ability hunter cobrastrikes.png
  • Spitting Cobra
  • Generating 3 additional Focus each second.
  • Duration: 30 seconds

Spitting Cobra is a level 100 Survival hunter talent.

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