The flooded Splithoof Crag.

Splithoof Crag, prior to the flooding.

Splithoof Crag was the name of the Galak centaur village located against the northern wall of Thousand Needles, just east of Darkcloud Pinnacle. [41, 39]

However, during the Cataclysm, the area became flooded. The surviving centaur founded a new village, Splithoof Heights, on the cliffs looking over the Shimmering Deep. After the Cataclysm struck, a few goblins did a survey of the area and found some gold-looking ore had emerged from underground.

The crag is now littered with debris and underwater life, along the mountain side, in the center of the village, is a cavern known as Splithoof Hold. This is where the Cloven Hoof, an ancient artifact, was heavily guarded and protected by the Ancient Brazier and its Sacred Flame.

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