For the Naxxramas achievement, see Spore Loser.
NeutralSpore Losers
Level 50-60
Type World Quest
Category Maldraxxus
Experience 9,450
Reputation +125 The Undying Army


  • Fungret Mushroom eaten
  • Revenge for Fungrets


Baronness Vashj says: The fungrets share our ire for the House of Rituals. Such rage can make for a powerful weapon.


You will receive:


Baronness Vashj says: Never judge a creature's ferocity by its size. The smallest among us are often the deadliest.


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  • Upon taking control of the Odd Fungret, kill Morbid Ritualists, Necrotic Darkhounds, Skeletal Servitors, and Ur'dag, and interact with Forlorn Fungrets and Ritual Obelisks at Glutharn's Decay.
  • The Morbid Ritualists say:
    • Morbid Ritualist says: We will harvest you as well!
    • Morbid Ritualist says: You will not disrupt our work!
    • Morbid Ritualist says: Fungrets... how disgusting.
    • Morbid Ritualist says: We should have... burned... this...
    • Morbid Ritualist says: Pitiful creatures! You will lose this fight!
    • Morbid Ritualist says: All fungrets must be exterminated!
    • Morbid Ritualist says: This is not a victory for... you...

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