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Sporecaller Zancha

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Not to be confused with Servant Zancha.
BossSporecaller Zancha
Image of Sporecaller Zancha
Gender Male
Race(s) Dire troll zombie (Undead)
Level 112 - 122 Elite
Reaction Alliance Horde
Affiliation(s) G'huun
Location Ruins of Xal'vor, Underrot[0, 0]
Status Killable

Elder Leaxa
Cragmaw the Infested
Sporecaller Zancha
Unbound Abomination


Sporecaller Zancha is the third boss of the Underrot.

Adventure Guide

Twisted by G'huun's corruption, Zancha's only remaining desire is to spread the plague festering within his animated corpse.


Boundless Rot summons spore pods throughout the area. Upon reacing 100 Energy, Zancha casts Festering Harvest, destroying any remaining spore pods and applying the effects of Decaying Spores to all players.

Damage Dealer Alert Damage Dealers

  • Utilize Upheaval to safely destroy spore pods while avoiding your allies.
  • Destroy additional spore pods using defensive abilities if neccesary.

Healer Alert Healers

  • Rotting Spores inflicts direct damage and significant damage over time.
  • Upheaval inflicts substantial damage.

Tank Alert Tanks

  • Position Zancha so that he strikes spore pods with Shockwave.


  • Boundless Rot — Zancha summons spore pods throughout the area. Coming into contact with a spore pod will cause it to erupt, inflicting 30164 Plague damage and applying Decaying Spores to players within 4 yards. 
    • Ability creature disease 02.png  Decaying Spores Disease — The spore pod explodes, inflicting 30164 Plague damage and an additional 12089 Plague damage every 2 sec for 6 sec. This effect stacks. 
  • Spell deathknight explode ghoul.png  Festering Harvest Important Deadly — Upon reaching 100 energy, Zancha forces all remaining spore pods to burst. Inflicts 60344 Plague damage to all players and applies Decaying Spores to all players for each active spore pod. 
  • Ability monk explodingjadeblossom.png  Volatile Pods Heroic Difficulty — Volatile Pods grow throughout the area and burst, radiating spores outwards. Players that come into contact with a spore suffer 30164 Plague damage and have Decaying Spores applied to them. 
  • Spell shaman earthquake.png  Shockwave Tank Alert — Zancha slams the ground, inflicting 236836 Physical and destroying any spore pods in front of him. 
  • Ability earthen pillar.png  Upheaval Important — After 6 sec Zancha ruptures the earth beneath the target, knocking up and inflicting 90517 Physical damage to players and destroying spore pods within 8 yards. 


Item Type
[[]] (H · M)



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Sporecaller Zancha yells: Rot must spread!
Sporecaller Zancha yells: Harvest!
Sporecaller Zancha yells: Grow!
Sporecaller Zancha yells: Fester!
Sporecaller Zancha yells: Must feed!
Sporecaller Zancha yells: Corruption blooms!
Sporecaller Zancha yells: Such fertile soil.
Sporecaller Zancha yells: Everything... decays...


  • During the beta, his adventure guide entry read: "In life, Zancha warded the Nazmani from the physical and mental corruptions of the Blood God. In death, Zancha has succumbed to the Blood God, forever spreading his rot and echoing his dark whispers."
  • Zancha is voiced by Ray Chase.

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