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Main leader IconSmall Sporeling.gifMsshi'fn
Race(s) Sporeling Sporeling
Base of operations Sporeggar, Zangarmarsh
Token(s)  [Mature Spore Sac]
 [Bog Lord Tendril]
 [Fertile Spores]
 [Sanguine Hibiscus]
Currency  [Glowcap]
Quartermaster IconSmall Sporeling.gifMycah
Tabard Sporeggar Tabard.jpg
The sporelings are a mostly peaceful race of mushroom-men native to Outland. Their home is located in the southern bogs of Zangarmarsh.

Sporeggar is a faction of sporelings found along the western edge of Zangarmarsh. The sporelings are native to Outland unfortunately, the changing climate of the marsh has put them in danger. Adventurers that assist their survival will be justly rewarded.

The Sporeggar were not always made of mushroom.[1]


Players start at unfriendly with Sporeggar, but can gain reputation quickly.

Unfriendly Neutral Friendly Honored Revered Exalted Rep Notes
750  [Mature Spore Sac] x10
N [10-30] Natural Enemies (R)
750  [Bog Lord Tendril] x6
750  [Glowcap] x10
N [10-30] Fertile Spores (R)
750  [Fertile Spores] x6
750  [Sanguine Hibiscus] x5
Mobs 15
Underbog mobs (normal mode)
20 ~3300 rep full clear
Underbog bosses (normal mode)


Reputation with Sporeggar begins at unfriendly, and because some one-time and repeatable quests become unavailable at higher reputation levels, its recommended to make use of them early on to reduce the amount of grinding necessary.

To begin, when at level 60 or above, visit Fahssn on the eastern edge of The Spawning Glen in Zangarmarsh, and pick up the two quests he offers: N [10-30] The Sporelings' Plight (for Mature Spore Sacs) and N [10-30] Natural Enemies (for Bog Lord Tendrils). These are one-time quests which open up repeatable versions (N [10-30] More Spore Sacs and N [10-30] More Tendrils!) which are can't be picked-up after reaching friendly. The most efficient method is to pick -one- of these (either spore sacs or tendrils) to complete and then repeat its follow-up all the way to neutral, and save the other one for later. Consider that More Spore Sacs are bind-on-pickup and have to be collected yourself, while Bog Lord Tendrils are tradeable and might be found easily on the Auction House.

Once you reach neutral, pick up N [10-30] Sporeggar from Fahssn, and travel to the town. There pick up and complete N [10-30] Glowcap Mushrooms. Its recommended to not do the repeatable version (N [10-30] More Glowcaps), since  [Glowcap] is used as currency for the reputation vendor.

Return back to Fahssn and continue doing your chosen repeatable turn-in (either N [10-30] More Spore Sacs and N [10-30] More Tendrils!) until you reach friendly. At that point, the repeatable quest stops being offered. Now turn in the quest you were holding (N [10-30] The Sporelings' Plight or N [10-30] Natural Enemies).

Now that you're at friendly, several new quests open in the town of Sporeggar: N [10-30] Fertile Spores, N [10-30] Now That We're Friends..., N [10-30G] Fhwoor Smash!. You can pick them up, and in due course complete them (possibly alongside other quests in Zangarmarsh), but its probably best not to turn them in until you reach revered. This is because you can kill the Bog Lords (Withered Bog Lords, Starving Bog Lords, or Hungry Bog Lords), Fungal Giants, Withered Giants, and Starving Fungal Giants in Zangarmarsh until you are Revered and they stop giving reputation.

If you're going for Loremaster or just leveling through the zone, its recommended to do all the other zone quests now. If you're grinding this reputation at higher levels, then you can kill Bog Lords and Fungal Giants in the zone for 15 reputation each. You can also do full clears of Underbog for reputation and to collect [Sanguine Hibiscus]. These should be saved to complete the one-time quest N [10-30D] Bring Me A Shrubbery! and its repeatable version N [10-30D] Bring Me A Shrubbery! after you reach revered.

After reaching revered, you should now go ahead and turn in all one-time quests you're holding (N [10-30] Sporeggar, N [10-30] Fertile Spores, N [10-30] Now That We're Friends..., N [10-30G] Fhwoor Smash!, and N [10-30D] Bring Me A Shrubbery!), and complete as many repeatable versions you'd like. You can also continue to clear Underbog. See below for strategies for grinding in Zangarmarsh and the Underbog.

Grinding mobs in Zangarmarsh

Bog Lords (Withered Bog Lords, Starving Bog Lords, or Hungry Bog Lords), Fungal Giants, Withered Giants, and Starving Fungal Giants in Zangarmarsh will net you 15 reputation each all the way to exalted and occasionally drop Bog Lord Tendrils. They also can be harvested by herbalists and net  [Mote of Life] and  [Unidentified Plant Parts] for Cenarion Expedition reputation.

Marsh Dredgers and Marsh Lurkers found in the Funggor Cavern also give 15 reputation per kill. Killing them and the named mob Lord Klaq repeatedly going in and out of the caverns is an option if you are looking for a mindless, quick grind. The mobs also respawn rather quickly, so by the time you run one circuit of the caverns and clear the mobs directly outside the caverns, those inside the caverns should have started respawning.

spore walkers (Marsh Walkers and Fen Striders) and sporebats do not give reputation, but drop  [Fertile Spores] about 30% of the time. Turning these in for N [10-30] Fertile Spores and N [10-30] More Fertile Spores, makes each kill approximately 37.5 reputation on average.

The quests N [10-30] Now That We're Friends... and N [10-30] Now That We're Still Friends... (the repeatable version) involve killing 12 Bloodscale Slavedrivers and 6 Bloodscale Enchantresses (level 61-64 mobs). This is 31.25 reputation per kill, and 41.66 per kill for the repeatable version, which is more reputation per kill on average than farming Fertile Spores, assuming a 30% drop rate. For a non-human, it would take 16 runs (288 kills) to move through honored to revered (12,000 reputation) and 28 runs (504 kills) to move through revered to exalted (21,000 reputation), 792 kills total. Assuming 37.5 reputation per kill when farming Fertile Spores, it would take 320 kills to go from honored to revered and 560 kills to go from revered to exalted, 880 kills total, and it requires a random drop.

With a flying mount it is possible to gain 3000 reputation every 15 minutes. Once you reach friendly fly to Sporeggar. Grab the quest N [10-30] Now That We're Still Friends... and fly to the northwestern corner of Zangamarsh. Kill all of the Greater Sporebats, collecting the Fertile Spores. You should be able to gather at least 12 spores for two N [10-30] More Fertile Spores turn-ins (750 rep each). Then fly to the islands in the middle of Marshlight Lake (just NE of Sporeggar) and kill the necessary naga for the quest. Turn in that quest (825 rep) and pick it up again. You can also turn in the spores if you like. Fly back to the naga, complete the quest again, then turn in (750 rep). Pick up the quest again and repeat. Killing the Sporebats gives the naga time to respawn, and earns a glowcap for each N [10-30] More Fertile Spores turn in, on top of the ones you find.

Grinding Underbog

[Sanguine Hibiscus] can drop from any mobs up to the naga in the instance and is also found as a ground spawn - found in The Underbog and used for the quest N [10-30D] Bring Me A Shrubbery! and N [10-30D] Bring Me Another Shrubbery! - and has a relatively short respawn timer. It's worth 5–10 minutes running back through the instance after you've finished killing the final boss to collect any new respawns; doing this can net you enough [Sanguine Hibiscus] for another 1-2 quest turn-ins (750-1500 rep).

These runs net a minimum of 3750 rep every 30 mins. It is also easier than the repeatable naga quest since you don't have to hunt for the Bloodscale Slavedrivers, and it removes the travel component. At honored if you are not a human, it will take 220 Sanguine Hibiscus to get from honored to exalted. If you are a human then it will take about 200. To get from revered to exalted then you will need 140 hibiscus or about 130 when you are a human. This can easily be achieved by a few hours of farming Underbog or buying hibiscus from the Auction House if it is available.



Rewards can be purchased from the Sporeggar Quartermaster, Mycah, who is in a small mushroom building on the west side of Sporeggar [17, 51].

<Sporeggar Quartermaster>
Rep Item Cost Type
Neutral  [Recipe: Clam Bar] 1 Glowcap Cooking (300)
 [Marsh Lichen] 2 Glowcap Consumable
Friendly  [Tallstalk Mushroom] 2 Glowcap Consumable
Honored  [Muck-Covered Drape] 25 Glowcap Cloak
 [Petrified Lichen Guard] 15 Glowcap Shield
 [Redcap Toadstool] 1 Glowcap Consumable
Revered  [Hardened Stone Shard] 45 Glowcap One-Hand Dagger
 [Sporeling's Firestick] 20 Glowcap Wand
 [Recipe: Transmute Primal Earth to Water] 25 Glowcap Alchemy (350)
 [Pattern: Mycah's Botanical Bag] 25 Glowcap Tailoring (375)
Exalted  [Sporeggar Tabard] 10 Glowcap Tabard
 [Recipe: Shrouding Potion] 30 Glowcap Alchemy (335)
 [Tiny Sporebat] 30 Glowcap Companion

As most of the rewards for this faction are bought with glowcaps, they cannot be resold to vendors.

There are also three items as quest rewards from an revered quest, N [10-30G] Fhwoor Smash!:

Notable members



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Many residents of Sporeggar may be named after sounds commonly associated with an allergy (such as hayfever), most notably Hch'uu (achoo), Khn'nix (Kleenex), T'shu (tissue), and Gzhun'tt (gesundheit).



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