A typical spriggan.

Spriggans (sometimes pluralized as spriggan)[1][2][3] are a race of small, malicious creatures native to Ardenweald who live to create chaos. Some have heard the whispers of the death loa Mueh'zala and gleefully carry out his plans, while others are independent and simply revel in unleashing mischief and destruction upon Ardenweald's inhabitants.[1] They cannot resist games,[4] and the magical mischief they cause work similarly to faerie curses in that they must obey "the rules".[5] They are seen regularly collaborating with boggarts, and appear to be taking orders from Mueh'zala.[6][7]

The Sicklethorn spriggans are found in the Garden of Night, the Blackthorn spriggans are found in the Gossamer Cliffs, the Bristlecone spriggans are found in Mistveil Tangle, the Brittlebark spriggans are found in the Grove of Memory, the Gnarlbranch spriggans are found in Glitterfall Heights, and some nameless spriggans are found in Spirit Glen.

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