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A squire in Hearthstone.
An orc squire.

A squire is the assistant or "right hand" of a knight. According to Maximillian of Northshire, as "hands are especially good at carrying things", the first duty of a squire is to carry a knight's belongings, since "to lug around such etcetera is a job unbefitting for a knight".[1]

Most known squires are human boys, though the title is also seen with orcs, a night elf and even a wight. Many of Stormwind's youth joined the Argent Crusade as squires, hoping to one day serve the Holy Light in battle.[2]

Though many squires of the Silver Hand aspire to one day become knights themselves, many see it as an honor to serve someone who has given themselves fully to the Light.

During the Burning Legion's third invasion, adult squires were recruited into the Silver Hand by Commander Ansela.