Broken bridge to Sra'vess.

Sra'vess is the western-most kypari tree on an island in the Westersea off the coast of Townlong Steppes, south of Shan'ze Dao and west of the Niuzao Temple island. A broken bridge once connected the Sra'vess island with the Niuzao Temple island, but it now stands shattered, rendering the area accessible only by flying mount. The Feeding Pits, Ikz'ka Ridge, Kzzok Warcamp, and the Sra'thik Swarmdock are all on the island surrounding Sra'vess.

Notes and trivia

  • There is a secret path on the west side of the isle that leads up from sea level.
  • During the early beta, it was named Sri'vess and Sara'vess.

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